Action Games

  • Fruit Blaster
    Fruit Blaster
    Played 3321 times

    So much juicy fruit, so little time! How quickly can you slice all of it into tiny pieces? Grab a samurai sword and dice up all of this watermelon and other types of fruit in this wild action game. Just be sure to avoid the bombs. If they explode, that’ll really hurt!

  • Bomb It 6
    Bomb It 6
    Played 6566 times

    Ready your bombs, and may the best bot win...

  • Uphill Rush 7: Waterpark
    Uphill Rush 7: Waterpark
    Played 72142 times

  • Jinx & Minx: Tower Escape
    Jinx & Minx: Tower Escape
    Played 7800 times

    Undead bunnies Jinx and Minx are stuck in a spooky tower; help them escape their prisons!

  • Bomb It 2
    Bomb It 2
    Played 1892 times

    Find new ways to destroy your opponents and explore new worlds in this sequel to the popular Bomb It!

  • Papa's Burger Bar
    Papa's Burger Bar
    Played 17466 times

    Make every customer a burger-addicted regular!

  • Nyan Cat
    Nyan Cat
    Played 8563 times

  • Bomb It 7
    Bomb It 7
    Played 2981 times

    Ready for an explosive adventure? Then let the bombing begin!

  • Whack the PC
    Whack the PC
    Played 584 times

    This PC has frozen for the last time! Smash it to pieces with the tool or weapon of your choice in this crazy online game. Don’t stop until even the world’s greatest IT person couldn’t fix it!

  • Run
    Played 815 times

    Do the moonwalk, err, I mean... space walk!

  • Bomber Friends
    Bomber Friends
    Played 381 times

    Bomb your friends and be the last to survive to win the match! Collect powerups to get more powerful bombs! Use the explosive bombs to blast your friends from across the map!"

  • Fidget Spinner
    Fidget Spinner
    Played 55387 times

    The Fidget Spinner is the latest hype around the world. Everyone wants to buy a Fidget Spinner, and in no time all stores are selling many different kind of spinner toys. Games are no different! In this spinner game you will need to spin to win! You can play this online spinner game with many types of different colored Fidget Spinners, just like the one you are holding in your hand right now. You can also modify your spinner and add some cool features before you give it a few spins. Try to earn a high score in this crazy-addictive fidget spinner game! Spin the toy as many times as you can, earn coins and buy upgrades! How many times can you make it go around and around in this silly action game?

  • Paper.Io
    Played 3737 times

    Can you outwit and outlast the other players in this unique io game? Build zones while you create paths and see if you can trick your opponents into crashing into them. You’ll need to stay on your toes though. You’ll blow up if you hit your own path!

    Played 1163 times
  • Thrill Rush 4
    Thrill Rush 4
    Played 12276 times

    Go on the ultimate rollercoaster ride in Thrill Rush 4! Giant blocks and gaps will appear out of nowhere. You need to pass each obstacle during the day or at night!

  • Penguin Diner
    Penguin Diner
    Played 8844 times

    Seat your penguin customers, take their orders, serve them and take the money!

  • Bomb It 4
    Bomb It 4
    Played 1289 times

    Blow away the competition!

  • Thrill Rush 3
    Thrill Rush 3
    Played 23108 times

    This girl’s fun day at the theme park just went off the rails! Only you can help her find a way off this crazy coaster.

  • Escape the Camp
    Escape the Camp
    Played 1918 times

    When love beckons, it's time to leave the camp behind!

  • Bomb It 5
    Bomb It 5
    Played 1843 times

    Is your robot the ultimate bomber gladiator? Step into the Bomb It arena and find out...

  • Princess Claw Machine
    Princess Claw Machine
    Played 7169 times

    There’s lots of totally adorable princess dolls sitting in this claw machine. Can you collect them all in this cute and challenging online game? Carefully aim the claw and find out which doll is waiting for you in each one of the plastic eggs.

  • Cake Factory
    Cake Factory
    Played 2350 times

    Look at the example and click on the machines to make exactly the same cake.

  • Without Heels
    Without Heels
    Played 7663 times

    Get ready for a virtual trip to one of Japan’s coolest shoe shops. Each one of these customers has a pair of high heels that need to be altered. They’re too tall and hard to walk around in. Grab the hammer and knock each one of the shoes down to size but be careful. The customers are still wearing them and you can’t knock them over in this physics-based game.

  • Endless Lake
    Endless Lake
    Played 7479 times

    Time is of the essence in this riveting maze runner where one wrong step can make you fall into the endless lake! Time your jumps perfectly to get through the maze without plummeting into the endless lake! The clock ticks as you try to make your way at full speed through an intricate maze and not precipitate into never-ending waters! How far can you get in this challenging maze runner before the clock runs out and without falling into the boundless lake? The little cube hero needs to make it from one side of the lake to the other without falling into the water. Help him run through the maze while collecting coins on the way! Time your taps perfectly to jump the right distance onto the next platform. Gather as many points as you can before the clock runs out! You can use your points to get different skins for your game to make it look even cooler while playing. Challenge yourself with this addictive maze runner and be careful to not plunge into the lake!

  • Uphill Rush 6
    Uphill Rush 6
    Played 9078 times

    Go all-out crazy in this hi-speed sequel to the world-famous racing game!

  • Uphill Rush
    Uphill Rush
    Played 1033 times

    Race your bike, truck, quad or skateboard over hills and obstacles and finish each level without falling.

  • Bomb It 3
    Bomb It 3
    Played 792 times

    Bomb and blast your enemies to smithereens!

  • Sailor Senshi Maker
    Sailor Senshi Maker
    Played 1852 times

    The galaxy is once again under attack! But that doesn’t mean there isn’t time for a quick makeover...

  • Sue Fashion Designer
    Sue Fashion Designer
    Played 2107 times

    Feel like a real designer and choose fashion, color and pattern for Sue's clothes!

  • Bubble Elements
    Bubble Elements
    Played 18 times

    Make bubble matches of 3 or more of the same color in the ultimate battle against the 4 elements.

  • Dolphin Pop
    Dolphin Pop
    Played 466 times

    Pop this porpoise's pesky problems away!

  • Uphill Rush 5
    Uphill Rush 5
    Played 9641 times

    Slide, ride, and gallop your way to the ultimate racing title!

  • Jailbreak Rush
    Jailbreak Rush
    Played 231 times

    You're innocent man, and you've got 2 weeks to bust out before you're locked up for good.

  • Sara's Cooking Class: BBQ Chicken
    Sara's Cooking Class: BBQ Chicken
    Played 2008 times

    Bring some serious home-cooked flavour to this savoury sandwich!

  • Sara's Cooking Class: Spooky Snacks
    Sara's Cooking Class: Spooky Snacks
    Played 4940 times

    Sara's ready to freak you out with these gory goodies!

  • Bubble Hit: Halloween
    Bubble Hit: Halloween
    Played 413 times

    Burst these bubbles with a haunting pop!