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Hole Defense

Hole Defense is a 3D base defense game. Protect your base against a horde of monsters. Each area also has a final boss you must defeat before it can reach the front gate!

Unlock new soldiers, terrains, loot boxes, and daily achievements!

How to play Hole Defense?

You have a limited amount of energy to defend your base, so use it wisely! The green bar at the bottom of the screen will show you how much energy you have.

Below the energy bar, you’ll see four defense options, along with the amount of energy they cost to create. You can dig ditches, create barricades and razor fences, or temporarily freeze your enemies.

Special Attacks

Watch out, because your enemies will wear down these defenses. If their numbers become overwhelming, you can also call on several special attacks. These cost golden coins. Your funds are shown in the top right corner.

Collecting Loot Boxes

By completing daily quests and defeating final bosses, you can unlock loot boxes. Open them to collect new weapons, money, and new soldier cards. 

Upgrading Your Soldiers

Tap the military base icon to view the cards you have collected. When you have enough cards and enough gold, you can unlock new soldiers and upgrade them.  

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Who created Hole Defense?

Hole Defense was created by NovaSky. 

When was Hole Defense first released?

This game was released on May 22, 2024.