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Mine & Slash

Mine & Slash is a beautifully made free-to-play roguelite game with a dark fantasy setting. Enter the shadowy mines to dig up precious gems and fight powerful monsters and area bosses. Gather resources, relics, power boosters, and weapon upgrades. 

How to play Mine & Slash?

Enter the cave with your dwarf and unlock one of the mines. Use your pickaxe to hew away the stones and collect rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and other precious stones. Begin the game by rescuing the shop keeper and the blacksmith. Throughout the game, they will be able to exchange the resources you have gathered and provide you with upgrades.

Use the magic blue portal tiles to travel to different locations you’ve unlocked in the mine. You can also teleport back home at any time by tapping on the house icon on the left of the screen. Handy for when you need to empty your backpack at the shop.  

In other areas of the mine, you’ll have to fight monsters. Aim to destroy the portals first, since these will spawn more monsters during the battle. At the end of each level, you can fight a powerful boss. Each boss has a special attack that causes extra damage. Make sure to dodge it!

While you play, you can unlock many more game features in your home village, including:

  • A magic healer who can brew health potions
  • A workshop where you can equip new weapons and armor, or merge inventory to create more valuable items
  • A museum to house the relics you’ve retrieved from the mine
  • A magic workshop where you can equip and upgrade magic powers
  • A inn in were you can access multiple multiplayer features

Turn Dialogues On or Off

That miner sure does talk… If you’re playing with the sound on, and you want your miner to stop babbling, tap the cogwheel icon in the top left corner and use the slider to switch the dialogues off.

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Who created Mine & Slash?

Mine & Slash was created by Boombit. 

When was Mine & Slash released?

This game was released on April 18, 2024.