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Bubble Shooter Arcade 2

Bubble Shooter Arcade 2 is a time-based bubble shooter game. Pop the bubbles and clear away the rows before they drop down to the white line at the bottom of the field. This game is a remake of an earlier game by the same developer.

How to play Bubble Shooter Arcade 2?

Use the bubble cannon in the middle to fire colored bubbles at the cluster suspended from the top of the field. Your aim is to combine three or more bubbles of the same color. This will cause the bubbles to detach and drop away.

In most online bubble shooter games, new rows are added after the player misses one or more shots. In this game, however, new rows are added every 15 seconds. This means you’ll have to keep clearing away the bubbles as quickly as you can. If they reach the white line at the bottom of the screen, you lose the game!

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse or drag your finger across the screen to aim the cannon
  • Tap or click to shoot

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Who created Bubble Shooter Arcade 2?

Bubble Shooter Arcade 2 was created by SoftGames-Azerion.