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Bubble Shooter Pro 2

It's time to start blasting once again in Bubble Shooter Pro 2! How many bubbles will you be able to burst in this action game?

You know what to do, right? If not, take control of the cannon and shoot bubbles at the ones that are slowly descending from the top of the screen. They’ll explode once three identical ones are grouped together. Can you get a high-score while you play this bubble shooter game?

How to Play Bubble Shooter Pro 2?

Bubble Shooter Pro 2 is a thrilling arcade game. Use the cannon to launch colorful bubbles at the ones above it. Once three identical ones are touching one another, they’ll burst. The goal is to prevent the bubbles from reaching the bottom of the screen.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to aim.
  • LEFT CLICK to launch a bubble.

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Who Developed Bubble Shooter Pro 2?

Bubble Shooter Pro 2 was created by Softgames.