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Give your spelling and vocabulary skills a workout with WordSeeker. Will you be able to master this fun and challenging word puzzle game?

If you're a big fan of a certain daily puzzle game that took the world by storm in the winter of 2022, you'll love this one! You won't be limited to a single word within a 24 hour period. Instead, you'll get a new one during each exciting round. How many of them can you figure out?

How to Play WordSeeker?

You'll get six chances to correctly guess the word in each round of this word game. Each letter that's in a correct spot will be highlighted in green. Each letter that is somewhere in the word but not in a correct spot will be highlighted in yellow. During each guess, you must use an actual word. You cannot type in a random string of letters.

Game Controls

  • USE THE KEYBOARD to type.

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Who Developed WordSeeker?

WordSeeker was created by Take Five.