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Rhino Rush Stampede

There's tons of yummy fruit and vegetables to grab in Rhino Rush Stampede! How much of it will you bring back to your village in this cute running game?

Team up with a rhino who loves to run in this fun and challenging racing game. He’s eager to grab tons of fruit and veggies and ram right through lots of wooden crates, but he'll need to avoid plenty of much sturdier obstacles.

The rhino will have to jump across rivers, bounce over spiky plants, and watch out for the occasional angry armadillo. There's also super cool stuff and other animals that will help him during his journey. He’ll be able to cover tons of ground if he finds a jeep or a friendly dragon!

How to Play Rhino Rush Stampede?

Collect lots of food while the rhinoceros races through a jungle full of danger in this endless runner game. He'll be able to trade them in for extra supplies, vehicles, and even crazy hats between levels.

Game Controls 

  • PRESS UP to jump.
  • PRESS DOWN to dash.

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Who Developed Rhino Rush Stampede?

Rhino Rush Stampede was created by Xform.