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Can you survive and thrive in an arena full of creepy creatures in It's time to find out in this multiplayer action game inspired by Squid Game!

Take control of a monster as you enter an arena full of guards and contestants who are participating in a dangerous competition that’s about to become much more deadly! Every time you stomp on one of them, you’ll become more powerful in this .io game

But there are other monsters who will be doing the same thing. Will your monster become the mightiest one before the clock runs down to zero in this thrilling online game that was inspired by Squid Game, the popular Netflix series?

How to Play is a multiplayer battle game that will pit you against other gamers. Try to make your monster more powerful than theirs as you destroy a group of guards and contestants. Will your monster become the biggest and baddest one of them all before time runs out?

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to move, destroy various humans, and attack the other monsters.

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Who Developed was created by 2Play.