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Human Vehicle

Get ready to roll in Human Vehicle! Take control of some really cool vehicles in this fun and challenging platform game.

Can you reach the finish line during each exciting level of this driving game? You’ll start out with a unique vehicle called a monowheel. Collect other humans as you race through the obstacle courses. You'll definitely need them while you try to break through any brick walls you encounter! There's also lots of gems you can collect as well as additional vehicles you'll get to take for a few spins.

How to Play Human Vehicle?

Try to reach the finish line in each level of this 3D platform game. You’ll have to gather other humans who will help you break through numbered brick walls. For example, you’ll need several humans to break through a wall with a number 2 on it.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK, HOLD, AND MOVE THE MOUSE to drive each vehicle.

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Who Developed Human Vehicle?

Human Vehicle was created by Nepix.