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Emily's Home Sweet Home

Delicious - Emily's Home Sweet Home is a time-management game from the popular Delicious series. Caterer Emily has bought a new house in the picturesque neighborhood Snuggford Hills. It’s a big house, but also a real fixer-upper. It’s dusty and dirty, and there’s even a huge big hole in the floor!

By completing catering assignments, Emily and Patrick should be able to earn enough money to start on the necessary renovations. However, with new clients like high-intensity helicopter mom Sharon Stepford, nothing is going to be easy…

How to play Delicious - Emily's Home Sweet Home?

In each level of this food game, you have to manage a catering venue, starting in Emily’s beautiful garden. You’ll be selling everything from barbecue ribs and cakes to lemonade and flowers. Serve your customers quickly to earn extra points and earn enough money to renovate Emily’s home. Between each level, a chapter of the story will unfold.

To serve a customer, wait for them to decide on their order. Tap on the items your customer wants. Sometimes you will have to assemble the items first, for instance, by picking flowers in the right order, or assembling a cake. With these items, you will have to work quickly and do everything in the right order, otherwise the item will reset.

You will also have to pour the punch into glasses and barbecue ribs and steak. Don’t leave these items lying about for too long or they’ll vanish. Emily can carry multiple items at once, and if you serve multiple customers at a time, you’ll earn more tips.

Game Controls

  • Click or tap to view the story chapters
  • Wait till a customer comes in and makes an order
  • Click or tap on the food item, and then on the customer
  • Tap the cash register when the customer is ready to pay

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Who created Delicious - Emily's Home Sweet Home?

Delicious - Emily's Home Sweet Home was created by Gamehouse.