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Crazy Seagull

You’ll need to fly fast in Crazy Seagull! Will you be able to defeat the bodacious bird and his feathered friends in this fun game?

Your goal is to destroy as many balloons as you can in this flying game while you pilot an old stunt plane. You'll be competing against one or more seagulls that are determined to pop them, too. Which side will win a series of totally silly duels? 

If the birds get too far ahead of you on the scoreboard, try to hit them with your propeller. That will knock them out of the game for a few seconds. You can also unlock additional planes and other cool stuff between competitions.

How to Play Crazy Seagull?

Can you pop more balloons than a seagull? What about multiple seagulls? Find out in this action game. Choose how many birds you’ll be competing against before you begin each duel. The first side to pop 50 or 100 balloons in each round will win.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to fly your plane to a particular spot.

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Who Developed Crazy Seagull?

Crazy Seagull was created by Xpresate Studio.