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Chibi Doll Coloring and Dress Up

Chibi Doll Coloring and Dress Up is an art & creativity game in which you can design your own cute manga style dolls. Watch the tutorial, or get started right away.

How to play Chibi Doll Coloring and Dress Up?

Tap on the + symbol to create a new doll. At the bottom left, you will see a number of buttons you can tap to view hairstyles, eyes, eyebrows, noses, mouths, clothing and accessories. Use the slider to scroll through all of the options.

You can tap any part of the doll, and use the huge menu of colors in the center of the selection bar to color in your doll’s outfit and features. There are even fun gradients you can try. Drag the menu left or right to view all of the options.

This game features a huge range of colors, fashion items and facial features. From coloring in separate strands of hair, to completely custom coloring the accessories you choose. This way you can create detailed and really unique characters for yourself and your friends.

What does ‘Chibi’ mean?

In the context of manga art, the Japanese word Chibi is used to describe a particular art style. Characters are drawn with a relatively large head, fewer details, and small, stubby arms and legs. This makes them look cute and child-like. This style is sometimes also called S.D. or Super Deformed in English.

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Who created Chibi Doll Coloring and Dress Up?

Chibi Doll Coloring and Dress Up was created by Arpaplus. 

When was Chibi Doll Coloring and Dress Up first released?

This game was first released on March 25, 2024.