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Candy Rain 8

Candy Rain 8 is a bejeweled game in which you have to swap the sweets to collect them. Complete the objectives in over 4000 entertaining puzzle levels.

How to play Candy Rain 8?

Line up three or more identical icons to play this tile-matching game. You can move the jelly beans and sweets by making them swap places with other items on the board. Simply drag one item toward another to switch them around. Each move must result in a valid match, otherwise the tiles will jump back to their original place.

In each level, you’ll see a panel to the left of the board showing which candy you need to collect and how many turns you have to accomplish this goal. Match 4 or 5 pieces to create powerful line bombs, cross bombs, and color bombs. You can even merge bombs to create even bigger explosions and cascades!

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to play
  • Tap and drag the icons to swap them around

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Who created Candy Rain 8?

Candy Rain 8 was created by Softgames.

When was Candy Rain 8 first released?

This game was first released on December 4, 2023.