• Princesses Wedding Guests
    Princesses Wedding Guests
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  • Princess Travel Blog
    Princess Travel Blog
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    Ever since she was a young girl, this princess has wanted to see the world. Now she’s started a travel blog and she’s getting ready for her first adventure. She’ll need your help while she chooses a design for her blog, packs some awesome outfits and makes sure that her camera is good to go!

  • Roller Skating Princesses
    Roller Skating Princesses
    Played 3571 times

    These four princesses are planning to spend the afternoon skating through the park. Help them choose some awesome outfits before they put on their Rollerblades in this dress up game.

  • Princesses First: Sorority Party
    Princesses First: Sorority Party
    Played 8378 times

    These three princesses have no plans for the weekend. What a perfect time for them to host a totally fun party! Help them design posters for it and much more in this online game.

  • Ivy League Princesses
    Ivy League Princesses
    Played 6852 times

    Princesses Belle and Rapunzel are going to an Ivy League college! Can you help them prepare?

  • Princesses Photo Session
    Princesses Photo Session
    Played 4835 times

    The princesses have a photo shoot soon and need to be picture-perfect! Help them pick out the right dresses, hairstyles and pretty jewelery to look astonishing!

  • Princess Sorority Sisters
    Princess Sorority Sisters
    Played 7706 times

    All five of these princesses are trying to earn a slot in their favorite sorority. They’ll need your help in order to do it. Join them while they create outfits that are sure to wow their future sorority sisters in this dress up game.

  • Elements Makeover: Fire Princess
    Elements Makeover: Fire Princess
    Played 2453 times

    Dealing with dragons all day is tiring. Refuel this princess’ fire with some makeover magic!

  • Princess: Lost in New York
    Princess: Lost in New York
    Played 2095 times

    You're favorite royal beauty of the ball has been banished by her wicked stepmother to another realm: New York City! She's not going to survive without a complete makeover, so it's up to you to give her a new, modern head-to-toe look.

  • Snow Queen 3
    Snow Queen 3
    Played 0 times

    The monarch with a heart as cold as ice has returned. Only you can save the elves from her magic...

  • Princesses: Graduation Party Night
    Princesses: Graduation Party Night
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    These four princesses just graduated and now they’re ready to party! Join them while they dance the night away in this online dress-up game. Can you help them each pick out something awesome to wear before the evening begins?

  • Princess: Urban Outfitter Autumn
    Princess: Urban Outfitter Autumn
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    Each one of these princesses wants to greet the autumn with a fresh style! Can you lend them all your favorite fashion tips for fall in this online dress-up game? They want to look totally awesome before they take a walk through their kingdom’s prettiest park and check out all the colorful foliage.

  • Princesses: Gardening in Style
    Princesses: Gardening in Style
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    These three princesses even have stylish outfits for gardening! Can you help them choose some really cool ones before they get to work in this online dress-up game? They want to look their best while they tidy up their garden.

  • Crazy Rich Asian Princesses
    Crazy Rich Asian Princesses
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    These princesses are super rich, and they love all the best and most luxurious styles. They’re running late for the biggest party of the year but they have no clue what to wear! Can you help them dress to impress in this online game? They’ll need two outfits that will really wow all the other guests.

  • Princess Mansion
    Princess Mansion
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    The brave and bold Princess Nicole just inherited an old castle from her father the King. Can you help her and her loyal knights track down the golden coins and other precious items they’ll be able to use to fund a much-needed renovation that will turn it into a luxurious mansion? They could really use your help in this hidden objects game.

  • Ice Queen: Beauty Makeover
    Ice Queen: Beauty Makeover
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    The Ice Queen has been thinking about trying a new style. Can you help her create one in this online makeover game? You can choose some awesome new outfits for her along with a fresh hairstyle, too. First though, she’ll need you to help her get rid of her pimples!

  • Princesses: Hot Date Fun
    Princesses: Hot Date Fun
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    Both of these girls are going out on a date tonight, and they want to look awesome. Could you help them choose the perfect outfits before they put on their makeup in this online dress-up game?

  • BFFs Street Style Looks
    BFFs Street Style Looks
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    These BFFs are getting ready to make an ordinary day extraordinary. How are they going to do that? With some awesome, new looks, of course! Can you help them create a few cool outfits that feature street styles in this online dress-up and design game?

  • Princesses: Fashion Styles to Try
    Princesses: Fashion Styles to Try
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    These fashionable princesses have decided to experiment with a few fresh styles in this online dress-up game. Can you help them find out what they’ll look like in some awesome new clothes, makeup, and more?

  • Princess Vogue
    Princess Vogue
    Played 13 times

    No matter where she travels, Princess Vogue has the perfect royal look for the occasion!

  • Fire Princess Dressup
    Fire Princess Dressup
    Played 29 times

    This girl is on fire...and she needs an outfit to match.

  • Make me a Princess
    Make me a Princess
    Played 493 times

    Now's your chance to make your princess dreams come true!

  • Modern Princess: Prom Dress
    Modern Princess: Prom Dress
    Played 73 times

    These two royals are heading to prom and they could use a hand with picking out the right outfits.

  • Fairy Princess
    Fairy Princess
    Played 152 times
  • Baby Princess Bathroom Cleaning
    Baby Princess Bathroom Cleaning
    Played 67 times

    This little baby is going to need your help to clean up the bathroom. Do your best to make sure that there isn't any dirt to be found in this family fun cleaning simulator, Baby Princess Bathroom Cleaning!

  • Build a Princess Castle
    Build a Princess Castle
    Played 206 times

    Lilah wants to spend the afternoon building a super cool castle in her bedroom. She could use some help. You can start by designing the walls in this fun online game.

  • Princesses: Road Trip Fun
    Princesses: Road Trip Fun
    Played 26 times

    Truly regal road trips require waterside stops – and you bet these royal beauties want to look their best as they lounge in the sun! Help them pick out everything from their swimsuits to their beach bags in this water-wear dress-up game.

  • Princess: Back to College
    Princess: Back to College
    Played 86 times

    Help these pretty princesses prepare their collegial looks, with fresh faces and cool wardrobe picks fit for some really rad royals, in this college dress-up game.

  • Tailor for Pure Princess
    Tailor for Pure Princess
    Played 15 times

    The pretty princess is in need of a new dress. Put your tailoring skills to work and make her the most elegant and beautiful dress you can! Cut, stitch, and glue your way through sparkly cloths!

  • Princess Scooter Ride
    Princess Scooter Ride
    Played 19 times

    These two princesses and their magical snowman friend are going to spend the afternoon riding scooters. Choose some cute helmets and awesome outfits for them to wear in this makeover game.

  • Princess Aurora's Fashion Statement
    Princess Aurora's Fashion Statement
    Played 16 times

    Aurora has an exciting story to tell the other princesses but she’s feeling very sleepy. Help her friend make a potion that will wake her up in this magical dress up game.

  • Princess Juliet: Museum Adventure
    Princess Juliet: Museum Adventure
    Played 28 times

    Princess Juliet and her magical book are searching for some dinosaur bones that have gone missing. Can you join them in the museum and find out what happened to the bones in this game for girls?

  • Princess Dressing Room
    Princess Dressing Room
    Played 1328 times

    So many clothes, so little time! These two princesses have been in their shared walk-in closet for what seems like forever. They just have no idea what to wear today. Could you help them choose some cool outfits in this dress up game for girls?

  • Princesses: Boho vs. Edgy
    Princesses: Boho vs. Edgy
    Played 42 times

    There’s a really cool rock show this weekend and both of these princesses want to choose the perfect outfit to wear during it in this dress-up game. Can you help them choose between various boho outfits and a few more edgy styles before it’s time for them to head to the show?

  • Princesses Contest
    Princesses Contest
    Played 2955 times

    These two princesses are competing in a fashion contest. Which one of them will win? Join them while they choose the outfits and accessories that will help them nab the top prize in this dress up game for girls.

  • Princesses: Fantasy Makeup
    Princesses: Fantasy Makeup
    Played 326 times

    These princesses are getting ready for a night filled with fantasy and magic. Can you help them create some truly enchanting styles in this dress-up game? They’re searching for the perfect makeup, gowns, and more.