Babysitting Games

  • Halloween Baby Bathing
    Halloween Baby Bathing
    Played 131 times

    Getting this baby ready for a night of trick-or-treating is going to be tougher than it looks...

  • Hanna's Cute Puppies
    Hanna's Cute Puppies
    Played 15 times

    So many little time!

  • Hospital for Children
    Hospital for Children
    Played 49 times

    Each one of these cute kids isn’t feeling very good today. Let’s help all of them get better and fast.

  • Kitty House Makeover
    Kitty House Makeover
    Played 34 times

    This chatty cat’s house is very messy and her friends are coming over in 30 minutes. Help her clean up!

  • Magic Horse Caring
    Magic Horse Caring
    Played 19 times

    This magical horse needs a serious scrub! Can you help clean her up?

  • Messy Juliet
    Messy Juliet
    Played 19 times

    Juliet enjoys making big messes. Can you keep an eye on her so that she doesn't get into trouble?

  • Messy Olaf
    Messy Olaf
    Played 40 times

    Olaf the snowman became a bit dirty during his adventures today. Can you help him clean up?

  • Miracles
    Played 33 times

    You can use your magic to do good to prove that the elder mages were all wrong about your family!

  • Mommy Chloe Play Date Party
    Mommy Chloe Play Date Party
    Played 60 times

    Chloe is making sure that everything is totally perfect for her daughter’s play date. Can you help her while she chooses the right outfits for both her and herself in this caring and dress up game?

  • My Unicorn Play Day
    My Unicorn Play Day
    Played 861 times

    Take care of your very own unicorn by giving her everything she needs to have a happy home!

  • Pet Daycare
    Pet Daycare
    Played 69 times

    Grooming and playing with pets all day? Now THAT's a dream job!

  • Polly Baby Sitter
    Polly Baby Sitter
    Played 43 times

    Babysitting can be such a chore, but not for Polly! Help out in any way that you can in this family fun game that will have you playing for hours!

  • Pou Girl at the Dentist
    Pou Girl at the Dentist
    Played 22 times

    Pou Girl has a toothache. Time for a trip to the dentist!

  • Pregnant Dotted Girl Emergency
    Pregnant Dotted Girl Emergency
    Played 2288 times

    Something could be seriously wrong with this superhero and her baby. Let’s get her to the hospital and fast! Can you figure out what’s causing the problem in this online medical game?

  • Royal Dentist 2
    Royal Dentist 2
    Played 19 times

    These princes and princesses have let their teeth go rotten. Eww! It's up to you, their Royal Dentist, to fix them up and give them back their royal smiles. Good luck!

  • Sofia and Newborn Sister
    Sofia and Newborn Sister
    Played 19 times

    Sofia could use a little help adjusting to life with her new baby sister.

  • Stray Kitty Care
    Stray Kitty Care
    Played 846 times

    This poor little kitty needs you love and affection as you do your best to make it healthy once again. Go through the needed steps in this pet care game made for girls, Stray Kitty Care.

  • Terrible Triplets
    Terrible Triplets
    Played 472 times

    Look after the triplets so they remain happy and quiet while their parents are sleeping.

  • Animal Dentist
    Animal Dentist
    Played 268 times

    These animals are gonna go wild when they see their stunning new smiles!

  • Baby Hazel Fun Time
    Baby Hazel Fun Time
    Played 34 times

    Taking care of kids is hard work. Put your babysitting skills to the test with Hazel.

  • Baby Hazel: Pet Party
    Baby Hazel: Pet Party
    Played 31 times

    All of Hazel’s pets are feeling a bit glum. Help her cheer them up a little.

  • Baby Hazel: Doctor Play
    Baby Hazel: Doctor Play
    Played 35 times

    Hazel is heading to the shops because she wants some new toys. Maybe something educational would be cool?

  • Baby Hazel First Rain
    Baby Hazel First Rain
    Played 27 times

    Hazel and one her best friends, Honey Bunny, are playing in front of her house this afternoon. Unfortunately, a few clouds are moving in and the weather report for the rest of the day is calling for rain. Could you help them have fun despite the gloomy weather? With your guidance, they’re sure to have a great time in this point and click game.

  • Belle Baby Wash
    Belle Baby Wash
    Played 12 times

    The princess is giving her young daughter a bath in this makeover game. Help Belle select the right kinds of soap and shampoo so her baby can look more like a beauty than a beast.

  • Blonde Princess: Real Dentist
    Blonde Princess: Real Dentist
    Played 477 times

    This princess hates going to the dentist. Can you help make her next appointment a pleasant one in this simulation game? You’ll need to try to keep her calm while you clean her teeth.

  • Build Puppy's Dog House
    Build Puppy's Dog House
    Played 1098 times

    You’ll need more than building skills to complete this adorable game. First, you’ll have to adopt the ideal pooch and play fetch with them. Once that’s done, you can get started on building them a cosy new home. Once you’ve put the finishing touches on it, you can play dress-up with your new furry friend. Which outfit would look fantastic on them?

  • Clumsy Mechanic Laundry
    Clumsy Mechanic Laundry
    Played 24 times

    Jolie got a bit messy while working on her car. Help her get cleaned up and fast!

  • Cute Pony Daycare
    Cute Pony Daycare
    Played 12 times

    Pamper these ponies with tons of hugs and plenty pasture time.

  • Dotted Girl: Twins Birth
    Dotted Girl: Twins Birth
    Played 4359 times

    This superhero is about to have her babies! Let’s get her to the hospital, on the double, in this game for girls. Can you make sure that she has everything she needs? She should bring her phone and all of her baby stuff too.

  • Famous Filthy Kids
    Famous Filthy Kids
    Played 24 times

    These tots got a little dirty while pretending to be their favorite movie characters. Help them clean up.

  • First Aid: Fire Rescue
    First Aid: Fire Rescue
    Played 35 times

    Suzie’s home is burning down and she needs your help. Call the fire brigade!

  • Groom That Kitty!
    Groom That Kitty!
    Played 14 times

    This cat’s fur has been invaded by an army of fleas. Help her get rid of those bugs and fast!

  • Hair Expert 2
    Hair Expert 2
    Played 156 times

    Wonder what it’s like to work in a luxurious salon? Let Georgio take you on a tour.

  • Happy Cute Puppy
    Happy Cute Puppy
    Played 32 times

    Do you love puppies? Wouldn't you want to take care of one? Now you can in this brand new family fun game, Happy Cute Puppy! Treat this puppy with love and care so that it'll be happy all the time.

  • Kitty Real Dentist
    Kitty Real Dentist
    Played 630 times

    This kitty has a huge toothache. That’s why she’s at the dentist in this online simulation game. Could you have a look and see if you can find out what’s causing the problem? She would really appreciate it.

    • Baby Skateboard Accident
      Baby Skateboard Accident
      Played 112 times
    • Baby Hazel: Christmas Dress Up
      Baby Hazel: Christmas Dress Up
      Played 17 times

      Hazel is staying up late to greet Santa Claus when he arrives with tons of presents for her and her brother. Can you help her design a festive outfit while she waits in this Xmas dress up game? You can pick out cool Christmas earrings for her and more.

    • Baby Shower at the Pool
      Baby Shower at the Pool
      Played 85 times

      It can be real fun looking after a baby. Take shower time, for example...

    • Baby Hazel: Fancy Dress
      Baby Hazel: Fancy Dress
      Played 35 times

      The costume competition is only a few days away. Could you help Hazel design a peacock costume that will surely win the top prize?

    • Baby Injured Pet
      Baby Injured Pet
      Played 475 times

      Baby is eager to help this injured puppy but she can't do it without you.

    • Baby Juliet: School Day
      Baby Juliet: School Day
      Played 25 times

      Juliet’s running a little late for school. Help collect her belongings and quickly!

    • Baby Madison: Space Adventure
      Baby Madison: Space Adventure
      Played 33 times

      Madison is about to embark on an exciting voyage into outer space...but which outfit should she wear?

    • Baby: My Palace Pets
      Baby: My Palace Pets
      Played 22 times
    • Grumpy Cat Dental Care
      Grumpy Cat Dental Care
      Played 41 times

      Grumpy Cat's teeth are in pretty terrible shape. Let's get her to a dentist before she gets even grumpier.

    • Holiday Spa
      Holiday Spa
      Played 657 times

      This girl is searching for the perfect style for the holidays. Join her at the spa where she’s trying out different types of makeup and hairstyles. Can you help her look her best before she goes to a Christmas party in this game for girls?

    • Ice Princess: Hospital Recovery
      Ice Princess: Hospital Recovery
      Played 75 times

      Riding a reindeer seemed like a cool idea until he tripped and tossed this cool princess into a bush filled with thorns. Could you help treat her injuries in this adorable medical simulation game?

    • Super Babysitter
      Super Babysitter
      Played 443 times

      See what activities you have in your room to keep the baby madness under control until the parents return!