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The Final Earth 2

It's the year 2142 in The Final Earth 2, a challenging city building game. You’re humanity’s last hope in a dying world!

Take control of a fledgling colony in this pixel game as you begin your fight for survival. You’ll need to construct a variety of factories and other facilities. Use your limited resources wisely as you try to help your citizens thrive.

How to Play The Final Earth 2?

Take charge of a futuristic colony in this retro adventure game. Monitor your populace’s happiness while you construct housing for them, help them stay productive, and more.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to navigate through the menus.
  • LEFT CLICK to check stats, monitor the colony, and more.

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Who Developed The Final Earth 2?

The Final Earth 2 was created by Florian van Strien. 

Can I Play The Final Earth 2 on Mobile?

Yes, you can download it from Google Play.