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Ski King 2024

Ski King 2024 is a winter sports game in which you can complete 30 dangerous slalom challenges. Help your alpine skier reach the finish and stay ahead of the avalanche.

How to play Ski King 2024?

Higher up the mountain, snow has started to slide down the slope and form an avalanche. Make sure your skier stays ahead of the snow slide. Slalom between the trees, rocks, and patches of ice to survive.

Press the right and left arrows to carve and turn between the obstacles, and use the spacebar to boost your speed.

Collect coins on the piste and upgrade your skier’s skills. You can improve your carving skills, speed boost, and stability when crossing obstacles like ice and rocky patches. 

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Who created Ski King 2024?

Ski King 2024 was created by Inlogic Software. 

When was Ski King 2024 first released?

This game was first released on December 4, 2024.