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Roller Ball 5

Get ready for another awesome journey in Roller Ball 5. A kingdom filled with danger and excitement is waiting for you in this super cute platform game.

Tag along with a little ball as it begins a gigantic trek in this adventure game. He’ll need to travel through a kingdom inhabited by tons of hungry monsters and grumpy spiders while he collects stars and coins. Can you help him reach the portal at the end of every challenging level?

How to Play Roller Ball 5?

Roller Ball 5 is a fun platform game. Join a ball as it rolls through a kingdom stuffed full of traps and enemies. You can also gather coins to trade in for other balls between levels.

Game Controls


  • PRESS THE ARROWS to roll or jump.


  • LEFT CLICK on the buttons on the screen that will also make the ball roll or jump.

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Who Developed Roller Ball 5?

Roller Ball 5 was created by Bin Studio.