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Pop Adventure

Pop Adventure is a fun bubble shooter adventure with a huge collection of scrolling levels and great graphics. Travel through the ancient temple by completing the bubble shooter puzzles. Remove all of the bubbles by combining three or the same color.  

How to play Pop Adventure?

Use the bubble cannon at the bottom of the screen to shoot the colored bubbles at the cluster. Every time you create a combination of three or more bubbles of the same color they will pop. 

Any bubbles that lose their connection to the rest of the chain will also pop and vanish. You have a limited number of bubbles in your cannon, so use this feature to make the best of each shot.

You can bounce the bubbles off the walls. If the color currently loaded in the bubble is not useful to you, you can tap the bubble below it to swap them around.

Try to clear the bubbles all the way up to the ceiling and free any items trapped between the bubbles along the way.

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Who created Pop Adventure?

Pop Adventure was created by Yizhiyuan Network Technology Co., Ltd. 

When was Pop Adventure first released?

This game was first released on April 10, 2024.