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This perpetually bouncing pigeon is in great peril! Can you help him out in Pichon?

Poor little Pichon loves to hop, but this time his favorite hobby has gotten him into some really hot water. All his jumping around created a hole that he fell into. Now he's found himself in an immense cave in this challenging arcade game that features some really retro graphics!

Search for the magical rocks in each level that will open a gate to the next one. You’ll need to avoid super sharp spikes, but rickety platforms are no match for Pichon's bodacious bouncing. He can pound right through them!

How to Play Pichon?

Join Pichon on an epic adventure in a deep and dark cave. Is there a way out? The only way to discover the answer in this platform game is to help him unlock the gate in each level while he searches for the exit.

Game Controls

  • PRESS THE LEFT ARROW or A to make Pichon bounce left.
  • PRESS THE RIGHT ARROW or D to make Pichon bounce right.

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Can I Play Pichon on Mobile?

Absolutely! Bounce right on over to Google Play to download the game.

Who Developed Pichon?

Pichon was created by Red Mage Games.