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Numbers is a number game in which you have to tap the right tiles as quickly as you can. The game has two game modes and various difficulty settings to make it more challenging. Can you keep up?

How to play Numbers?

In each round of this puzzle game, a number will be displayed at the top of the screen. Quickly tap the matching number tile before the time runs out. Each time you tap a number, a new one will appear.

You can choose to play this game in Race mode or Survival mode:

  • In Race mode, you can choose between 9 and 25 tiles, placed in numerical order or scattered randomly across the board. When you correctly tap a tile, it will vanish from the screen. Complete the challenge by clearing away all of the number tiles.
  • In Survival mode, the tiles will remain in place after you tap them. This time, the aim is to stay in the game for as long as you can. Again, you can choose between 9, 16, or 25 tiles.

Game Controls

  • Use the MOUSE and LEFT CLICK to select the tiles
  • TAP the tiles with your finger on mobile devices

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Who Developed Numbers?

Number was developed by Ember Whirl.