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Noob vs. 1,000 Zombies!

Grab some arrows and a bow in Noob vs. 1,000 Zombies! There's an entire army of the undead waiting for you in this zombie game!

This guy is a noob and he's never held a bow in his life, but he's about to take on a thousand zombies! He's determined to wipe them out before they sink their teeth into his beloved pet sheep in this physics-based action game.

Team up with him while he uses his limited supply of arrows to eliminate these constantly munching monsters as quickly as he can! There's also stars you can earn to trade in for different outfits. Go into battle while dressed in a business suit or a crazy cactus costume!

How to Play Noob vs. 1,000 Zombies?

Join forces with a novice archer while he tries to destroy tons of zombies in this retro aim and shoot game. There's also fun missions that will help you practice your aiming skills. You can even challenge another player to a duel in the PVP mode!

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to aim.
  • LEFT CLICK to fire an arrow.

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Who Developed Noob vs. 1,000 Zombies?

Noob vs. 1,000 Zombies was created by Noob vs. Pro Team.