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New Daily Sudoku

New Daily Sudoku is a puzzle game in which you can play new sudoku challenges for each day on the calendar. Each day features 3 levels: easy, medium, or hard. 

How to play New Daily Sudoku?

In this sudoku game, you must fill in the missing numbers. Choose one of the daily puzzles, or tap on the calendar and select one of the previous puzzles from the past days of the current year.

For the easy puzzles, a lot of numbers will already be filled in. This will help you find the missing ones more easily. The hard puzzles feature relatively few pre-filled numbers, making them more difficult to solve.

The aim is to fill in the numbers 1-9 in all of the empty slots. Each row, column, and thickly printed block of 3x3 cells may only feature each number once. This means that you can rule out certain numbers on the basis of what’s already filled in. Keep going until you’ve completed the puzzle.

New Daily Sudoku game features

You can make notes by tapping the pencil button. This will allow you to scribble in the numbers that haven’t yet been ruled out. To remove notes, select the cell and make sure the pencil button is active. If you tap the same number again, 

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to play
  • Use the number keys to fill the open slots, or tap the number buttons on the screen
  • Select the pencil to add or remove notes
  • Select the magic crayon to automatically fill the notes

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Who created New Daily Sudoku?

New Daily Sudoku was created by SoftGames.