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Hero Pipe

Hero Pipe is a free-to-play water pipe puzzle that you might recognise from those fake game ads. However, this is the real game, packed full with exactly those water pipe puzzle challenges you wanted to play but couldn’t!

Have you ever been frustrated by those misleading Hero game ads? The ones that look like a fun water puzzle game, but turn out not to be the game you wanted to try at all? Well, this game is the real deal! What you see is what you get: hundreds of pipeline puzzles with a hero knight, a princess, and lots of monsters.

How to play Hero Pipe?

Look at the different containers shown in the level. Next to vats of water, you might also find tanks full of health potions, freeze liquid, and more. 

Use the stretchy tubes to connect the right pipes. Tap a stretchy tube, which you can recognize by the creased surface, and drag it to the unmovable pipes.

Try to get the health potions to the hero and the princess to make them stronger. You can use the water to weigh down the tanks, drown the goblins, or freeze the lava monsters.

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Who created Hero Pipe?

Hero Pipe was created by Gamee JSC. 

When was Hero Pipe first released?

This game was first released on April 11, 2024.