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Gang Fall Party

Prepare yourself for a few epic brawls in Gang Fall Party. You could find yourself in a battle with up to sixteen opponents in this multiplayer online game.

You can challenge a friend or over a dozen other players in this 3D fighting game. You'll be throwing punches everywhere from the tops of skyscrapers to caves full of bottomless chasms! Do your best to avoid the sides of each makeshift battle arena while you, literally, fight for your right to party. If you fall over one of the edges, it'll be game over!

How to Play Gang Fall Party?

Gang Fall Party is an intense action game. Challenge up to 16 other players while you try to knock them off the sides of buildings, trucks, and other vehicles and structures. The last fighter standing will win!

Game Controls

Player 1

  • PRESS W, A, S, D to move.
  • PRESS V to punch.
  • PRESS C to run.

Player 2

  • PRESS P to punch. 
  • PRESS O to run. 

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Who Developed Gang Fall Party?

Gang Fall Party was designed by RHM Interactive.