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Funny Food Duel

Prepare yourself for a few furious and very furry fights in Funny Food Duel! Pick out a pet and get ready for battle in this hilarious arcade game.

This group of very hungry cats and dogs are ready to clash over a few of their favorite meals in this humorous pet game. During each one-on-one confrontation, they'll be presented with various types of food that are either super yummy or very yucky. Some will appease their appetites while others will temporarily freeze or briefly poison them!

How to Play Funny Food Duel?

Funny Food Duel is an adorable food game. Pick out a pet and try to help them fill their tummies during each battle. They'll need to eat tasty treats and avoid the ones that will freeze or poison them.

Game Controls

Player One

  • PRESS A to eat.

Player Two


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Who Developed Funny Food Duel?

Funny Food Duel was created by iclickgames.