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Four Colors Multiplayer

Compete against your friends or the computer in Four Colors: Multiplayer. This entertaining card game is based on Uno, a classic family game that's been entertaining players around the world since the 1970s. You can challenge up to three other people or virtual opponents.

How to Play Four Colors: Multiplayer?

The aim is to move your cards to the discard pile before any other player manages to do so. You can dispose of one playing card from your hand each turn, provided that it matches the color or number of the previous card on the discard pile.

The deck also contains a number of action cards, which you can use to change the color, alter the direction to play, or make your opponents pick up additional cards. Don’t forget to press the “1” button (next to the discard pile) when you have only a single card left, otherwise you’ll receive a penalty!

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to choose which card to play during each turn and more.

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Who Developed Four Colors: Multiplayer?

Four Colors: Multiplayer was created by Code This Lab srl.