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DOP Stickman - Jailbreak

DOP Stickman - Jailbreak is a funny puzzle game in which you have to help the stickman escape from prison. Draw lines and shapes to complete each picture.

How to play DOP Stickman - Jailbreak?

Look at each scene carefully and spot what’s missing. Use the mouse (or your finger on touchscreen devices) to draw shapes and lines to complete the pictures or fix broken items.

Can you guide the stickman safely out of prison and reunite him with his girlfriend? Distract the prison guards, dig tunnels, and avoid other prisoners who might try to prevent your escape. 

What does DOP stand for in DOP Stickman - Jailbreak?

DOP stands for Draw One Part.

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Who created DOP Stickman - Jailbreak?

DOP Stickman - Jailbreak was created by AdelikDev. 

When was DOP Stickman - Jailbreak first released?

This game was released on August 17, 2023.