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Butterfly Match Mastery

Butterfly Mahjong Garden is an atmospheric mahjong connect game featuring colorful butterfly wings and a mystical forest background. Combine the wings to make the butterflies flutter away.

How to play Butterfly Mahjong Garden?

The aim is to clear all of the tiles on the board. Combine the matching butterfly wings to make the magic butterflies whole, allowing them to flutter away. However, you can only connect the wings if you can draw a line between them that takes no more than two 90-degree turns. 

Look around the sides of the board, and see if you can spot matching wings that are right next to one another. Once you start clearing tiles, new paths will open up, allowing you to combine wings you couldn’t reach before.

Can you complete all of the colorful levels? After Level 7, the tiles will also start to move, creating more dynamic gameplay.

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Who created Butterfly Mahjong Garden?

Butterfly Mahjong Garden was created by Azerion Casual Games. 

When was Butterfly Mahjong Garden released?

This game was released on April 19, 2024.