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Brick Out

Brick Out is a classic arkanoid arcade game. Use the paddle to bounce the ball and break away all of the colored tiles before you run out of time.

How to play Brick Out?

In this skill game, you must catch the bouncing ball with the paddle. If the ball hits the bricks, it will cause them to crumble and break away. Your aim is to clear away all of the colorful bricks as quickly as you can. Don’t drop the ball though, or you’ll lose a life.

Sometimes, bonus items and boosters are hidden inside of the bricks. If the brick breaks, these items will fall down inside of a blueish bubble. Catch them with your paddle to win extra lives, extra speed, an extra large paddle, and lots of other fun bonus features to liven up the game.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK and DRAG to move the paddle and catch the ball.
  • On TOUCHSCREEN, keep your finger on the screen to move the paddle.

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Who Developed Brick Out?

Brick out was developed by Ramblo Digital Media.