House Makeover Games

  • Family Dollhouse 4
    Family Dollhouse 4
    Played 1369 times

    Help this nice family of dolls decorate their big house.

  • Room Makeover
    Room Makeover
    Played 1580 times

    My New Room 2 adds more cool options like music styles, pets and backdrops to create your perfect room!

  • My New Room 3
    My New Room 3
    Played 5248 times

    This room is your very own blank slate. Go for it, girl!

  • Home Design
    Home Design
    Played 2269 times

    This holiday home could really use your interior decorating skills. Do you have a second to take a peek?

  • House Exploration
    House Exploration
    Played 1042 times

    The day just isn't long enough when there is so much to do! You will never have a dull moment!

  • Cleaning Girl RPG
    Cleaning Girl RPG
    Played 1130 times

    Oh no! This girl had a party and invited all of her friends while her parents were away. Now they’re coming home early! Can you help her quickly clean everything up before they arrive in this very silly role-playing game?

  • Newborn House Makeover
    Newborn House Makeover
    Played 1158 times

    These young parents are getting their home ready for a new baby. What should they do first?

  • Pet Daycare Decoration
    Pet Daycare Decoration
    Played 1976 times

    Provide these pets with a place to hang out in style!

  • Beach House Decoration
    Beach House Decoration
    Played 1040 times

    The view is glorious, but where will you sit to enjoy it?

  • Bedroom Decoration
    Bedroom Decoration
    Played 1551 times

    What would your dream bedroom look like? Try out all the possibilities with this cool decorating game!

  • Middle School Classroom Makeover
    Middle School Classroom Makeover
    Played 1331 times

    We'll soon all be back to school, so decorate your classroom to inspire students!

  • My Xmas Room
    My Xmas Room
    Played 1526 times

    Enter into the seasonal holiday spirit with this special edition of your favourite room decorating game!

  • My 3D Room 2
    My 3D Room 2
    Played 1367 times

    Your room is your private escape, and the perfect place to chillax with the crew. Make it 100% "you"!

  • My New Town
    My New Town
    Played 1329 times

    Create your own town, city space or underwater world in this fun decorating game!

  • Baby Hobbies: Doll's House
    Baby Hobbies: Doll's House
    Played 901 times

    Can you design the ideal doll's house for Baby and her friends?

  • Pony Adventure
    Pony Adventure
    Played 1480 times

    Giddy up, girl! Lasso that horse!

  • Witch House Makeover
    Witch House Makeover
    Played 1135 times

    Arrange the Witch's house in a way you like!

  • My Treehouse Decorator
    My Treehouse Decorator
    Played 813 times

    No one can trump your terrific treehouse!

  • Baby Doll House Décor
    Baby Doll House Décor
    Played 814 times

    Help this baby doll decorate her cosy room!

  • Beach Party Planner
    Beach Party Planner
    Played 994 times

    It's a beautiful day for a bash on the beach!

  • Appartment Décor
    Appartment Décor
    Played 70 times

    Use the items given and decorate the appartment just as you like!

  • Baby Room Makeover
    Baby Room Makeover
    Played 166 times

    Kids learn good taste at a young age, so give this baby the best looking room in the nursery!

  • Back Garden Decoration
    Back Garden Decoration
    Played 35 times

    The grass really is greener on the other side of this perfect garden fence

  • Bathroom Decoration
    Bathroom Decoration
    Played 45 times

    Decorate this nice bathroom just as you like.

  • Bathroom Decoration 2
    Bathroom Decoration 2
    Played 62 times

    Decorate this pink bathroom just as you like.

  • Doll House Make Over 2
    Doll House Make Over 2
    Played 483 times

    Furnish the doll house with the given items.

  • Bathroom Decoration 6
    Bathroom Decoration 6
    Played 29 times

    Help this little girl decorate her cosy bathroom.

  • Birthday Party Decoration 2
    Birthday Party Decoration 2
    Played 201 times

    Help them decorate their room for a big birthday party!

  • Chocolate House Decoration
    Chocolate House Decoration
    Played 23 times

    Create a house that would tempt Hansel and Gretel using a variety of delicious decorative features!

  • Classroom Make Over
    Classroom Make Over
    Played 93 times

    Use the items given and decorate the classroom.

  • Dinner Decoration
    Dinner Decoration
    Played 24 times

    Decorate the dinner table using the items given.

  • Fairytale Doll Decoration
    Fairytale Doll Decoration
    Played 159 times

    Decorate this fairytale house using the given items.

  • Haunted House Painting
    Haunted House Painting
    Played 70 times

    Don't get scared and color the picture of haunted house.

  • Kitchen Make Over 4
    Kitchen Make Over 4
    Played 17 times

    Help the housewife put all the kitchen items in the right place!

  • Mushroom Home Decoration 2
    Mushroom Home Decoration 2
    Played 589 times

    Decorate this colorful mushroom house and its neighbourhood.

  • My Lovely Room Decoration
    My Lovely Room Decoration
    Played 32 times

    It's a room of your own... so make it "you!"