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Wizard School

Welcome to Wizard School! You've just been hired as a professor at the exclusive and very magical college in this enchanting online game.

Ginny will be waiting for you at the entrance. She'll be working as your assistant and she's ready to tell you everything you need to know as you begin your first day. You'll have to get to work on the double in this cute and challenging simulation game. The students are already arriving and the goblin butler who's been assigned to work at the registration desk is having trouble keeping up with them. 

Things are definitely going to be busy. The college is understaffed so you’ll need to help out in a few different departments. Make sure the students get acquainted with their new surroundings and make it to their first class on time.

You’ll also need to gradually improve the skills and abilities of your fellow staff members. Oh, and there’s a bit of a tuition situation you’ll need to track and the classrooms are pretty cramped. Can you figure out a way to increase their capacity?

How to Play Wizard School?

Can you take charge of a chaotic college in Wizard School? Things are getting out of hand, and it looks like a few of the administrators have called in sick. You’ll need to help the students, keep an eye on the staff, and much more in this magical management game!

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to begin projects, manage the staff, and more.

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Who Developed Wizard School?

Wizard School was created by Yizhiyuan Network Technology Co. Ltd.