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Solitaire Farm: Seasons

Match up the cards as fast as you can in Solitaire Farm: Seasons. They’ll really help you out in this unique and challenging card game.

Welcome to a cute farm where there's tons of stuff to do. There’s crops to plant, others that need to be harvested, and more. Connect the cards and remove them from the table to earn lots of coins.

You can trade those in for plenty of useful items in this solitaire game that's great for players of all ages. Also be on the lookout for bonuses and special cards that will clear all the other cards around them. 

How to Play Solitaire Farm: Seasons?

Solitaire Farm: Seasons is a card game that mixes in plenty of activities that you’d typically find in a farming game. Tend to your chores while you match up the cards based on their values. You can connect a card from the deck that is valued one higher or lower than a card on the table. For example, a 5 card can be matched with a 4 card or a 6 card.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to select cards, use various items, and more.

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Who Developed Solitaire Farm: Seasons?

Solitaire Farm: Seasons was created by Softgames.