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Hidden Object Rooms Exploration

Hidden Object Rooms Exploration is a HOS game in which you can explore 18 different rooms. Do you have the keen eye of a detective? Look around and find the six items on your list.

How to play Hidden Object Rooms Exploration?

Use the mouse to tap and drag the screen. This will allow you to pan across the image and bring all the offscreen corners of the room into view. In each area of the house, there are six items that you need to find hidden among the clutter.

Check your list of items to the right and left of the video screen. See if you can spot the items in the picture. Tap on each item to collect it. You have 1:30 minutes  to complete each search.

Tapping the right items will earn you 200 points, but you will lose 100 points for each incorrect click.

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Who created Hidden Object Rooms Exploration?

Hidden Object Rooms Exploration was created by Lof Games.

When was Hidden Object Rooms Exploration first released?

This game was first released on May 17, 2024.