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Bubble Warriors

Will you be able to stop entire armies in Bubble Warriors? These crafty circular combatants are determined to take you down in this arcade game!

Will you be able to wipe them out? That’s the only way you’ll earn the keys you’ll need to unlock every level in this bubble shooter game. Use the cannon to put them into groups of three or more so they’ll be eliminated from the board.

How to Play Bubble Warriors?

Bubble Warriors is a challenging puzzle game. You’ll be attacked by a group of round warriors in each level. Fight back by using the cannon to hurl other warriors at them. When they’re connected to two identical warriors, all three will be removed from the board!

Game Controls

  • MOVE THE MOUSE to aim.
  • LEFT CLICK to launch a warrior.

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Who Developed Bubble Warriors?

Bubble Warriors was created by Lof Games.