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Bridal Race 3D

Bridal Race 3D is a fun 3D arcade game. There are only so many good men out there to marry. Outrun your rivals and make it to the altar first.

It’s a Bridezilla Battle in this racing game! Complete an obstacle course while collecting bridal accessories. Make sure you grab yourself a white dress and matching shoes, a veil, a bouquet, and more!

How to Play Bridal Race 3D?

Sprint to the altar and don’t let the rival brides snatch away your diamonds and roses in this hilarious platform game. Avoid any puddles that might stain your dress, and don’t fall into the water!

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK and HOLD to move your bride.

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Who Developed Bridal Race 3D?

Bridal Race 3D was created by PL Studio.