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Winx Club Baby Adventure

See how far you can make it in Winx Club Baby Adventure. These young fairies are really going the distance in this magical online game.

The Winx Club Babies are determined to make it as far as they can across their kingdom. Unfortunately, it's full of dangerous barriers and lots of bouncing baby sheep!

They'll need to avoid all of them as they continue their travels in this adorable action game for players of all ages. There's also lots of enchanted gems you can collect along the way. Be sure to trade those in for upgrades and unlockable characters during the journey!

How to Play Winx Club Baby Adventure?

Winx Club Baby Adventure is a fun and challenging adventure game based on the popular animated series. Help a group of brave fairies get as far as they can down a wide road full of dangerous animals and obstacles. Change lanes to avoid them while you collect lots of magical gems.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to change lanes.

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Who Developed Winx Club Baby Adventure?

Winx Club Baby Adventure was created by Rainbow S.p.A.