Zombie Games

  • Kitty Cat Power
    Kitty Cat Power
    Played 5649 times

    This crafty kitty has super powers, but he could still use a little help when it comes to fashion.

  • Clean my new pink car 3
    Clean my new pink car 3
    Played 5579 times
  • Mermaid Kiss
    Mermaid Kiss
    Played 4243 times

    Help a surfer dude and his mythical mermaid ride the wave of love!

  • Merpony Maker
    Merpony Maker
    Played 3576 times

    What do you get when you cross a mermaid and a pony? A merpony, of course!

  • Meet the Octo
    Meet the Octo
    Played 3449 times

    Ready to be octo-puzzled?

  • What Candy Are You?
    What Candy Are You?
    Played 2692 times

    Perky peppermint or tangy taffy?

  • Epic Ice Cream
    Epic Ice Cream
    Played 2278 times

    Scoop up tons of fun and thrills with this crazy, and creamy, puzzle game.

  • Princess Quiz
    Princess Quiz
    Played 1640 times

    Ever wanted to know what type of princess you are? Here's your chance to find out.

  • Baby Hobbies: Doll's House
    Baby Hobbies: Doll's House
    Played 1603 times

    Can you design the ideal doll's house for Baby and her friends?

  • Love Letter Decoration
    Love Letter Decoration
    Played 1157 times

    Don’t say it with flowers... say it with a love letter!

  • Candy Quiz
    Candy Quiz
    Played 1151 times

    Soft, sweet, crunchy, sour...what kind of candy are you?

  • Charming Girls 3
    Charming Girls 3
    Played 736 times

    Charm your way into these hunks' hearts. May the best flirt win!

  • Figure Skating
    Figure Skating
    Played 693 times

    Does your figure skating footwork get a perfect 10?

  • Mermaid Kiss 2
    Mermaid Kiss 2
    Played 631 times

    Lose your lips to secret seaside love!

  • BeZombied
    Played 618 times

    Zombies waves are coming at you! Take them out piece by piece...

  • Banana Bounce
    Banana Bounce
    Played 595 times

    This hungry monkey is bouncing towards a boatload of bananas.

  • Baby Pets Beauty Pageant
    Baby Pets Beauty Pageant
    Played 541 times

    Baby is preparing her pets for the big pageant. Which one should she get ready first?

  • Plants vs Zombies
    Plants vs Zombies
    Played 468 times

    Get ready to soil your plants: the zombies are coming, and only flower power can stop them!

  • Modern Jasmine: Spa Day
    Modern Jasmine: Spa Day
    Played 434 times

    Join Jasmine for a relaxing and rejuvenating day at the spa.

  • Ayse & Ali Ballet Show
    Ayse & Ali Ballet Show
    Played 412 times

    Steal the ballet spotlight with positions that you have practised to perfection!

  • Super Looms: Fishtail
    Super Looms: Fishtail
    Played 403 times

    Create some super cute bracelets and add a few totally cool charms in this fun game.

  • Unicorn Miracle
    Unicorn Miracle
    Played 394 times

    Love isn’t all rainbows and unicorns…or is it?

  • Ali Goes Shopping
    Ali Goes Shopping
    Played 385 times

    With your help, your proud parents will be happy and harmonious.

  • Dino Dig
    Dino Dig
    Played 331 times

    Unearth amazing fossils just the way real archaeologists do: step by step and very, very carefully!

  • Easter Egg Decoration
    Easter Egg Decoration
    Played 327 times

    What's more fun than eating Easter eggs? Decorating them!

  • Magical Unicorn Chase
    Magical Unicorn Chase
    Played 318 times

    This fairy has one thing on her mind: making friends with that fantastic flying unicorn!

  • Uphill Rush 2 girls
    Uphill Rush 2 girls
    Played 312 times

    Can you score all the stuntacular titles in your own customised vehicle?!

  • Mystery Creature Dress Up
    Mystery Creature Dress Up
    Played 299 times

    This magical animal really loves fashion. Can you help her craft a whole new look?

  • Baby Hazel: Learn the Seasons
    Baby Hazel: Learn the Seasons
    Played 280 times

    Hazel wants to learn more about each season of the year. Do you have a few minutes to teach her about them?

  • Untidy Bedroom Cleaning
    Untidy Bedroom Cleaning
    Played 279 times

    This girl has too much homework and no time to clean her room. Can you help her out?

  • Kissing in the Classroom
    Kissing in the Classroom
    Played 277 times

    A smooch a day gets you nothin' but straight A's!

  • Princess or Zombie
    Princess or Zombie
    Played 277 times

    These four princesses are dressing up as zombies for Halloween. That doesn’t mean that they don’t still want to look totally gorgeous. Help them create some costumes that are both freaky and fashionable in this game for girls.

  • Dogs at the Vet Dress Up
    Dogs at the Vet Dress Up
    Played 273 times

    Choose a nice outfit for this poor sick doggie!

  • iCarly Dentist
    iCarly Dentist
    Played 262 times

    Carly has been so busy with her web programme that she hasn’t had time to brush her teeth. That could mean trouble.

  • Kissing in the Cinema
    Kissing in the Cinema
    Played 254 times

    Going to the movies just got a whole lot more interesting.

  • Campus Flirting
    Campus Flirting
    Played 246 times

    So many new boys to flirt with, so little time...