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  • Princesses: Planning Diaries
    Princesses: Planning Diaries
    Played 553 times

    These busy princesses just got new planners, but each one could use some sprucing up! Can you help the princesses make them super cute in this online design game? They want to customize their planners with lots of bright colors and awesome stickers.

  • Princess Love Party
    Princess Love Party
    Played 840 times

    Each of these princesses just had her heart broken by her boyfriend! They’re all totally down in the dumps but, fortunately, one of their BFFs has the perfect plan to cheer them up. She’ll be hosting an awesome party for them in this dress-up and design game! Can you help her and her friends choose cool outfits to wear before their epic night begins?

  • Princess: Clothes Swap
    Princess: Clothes Swap
    Played 1011 times

    This princess has had her eye on some of her friends' coolest outfits and accessories lately. Surely they won’t mind if she borrows just a few of them in this online dress-up game. Can you help her raid their closets for some of their cutest styles?

  • Eliza: Mall Mania
    Eliza: Mall Mania
    Played 1134 times

    Eliza could really use some new outfits so she’s going to the mall to scope out the latest styles and trends. Can you help her make sure that she comes home with tons of cool clothes in this online shopping and dress-up game? She’d also like to try out a new hairstyle, too!

  • Princesses: Dresses Haul
    Princesses: Dresses Haul
    Played 789 times

    It’s time for these fashionable princesses to update their social media channels in this online dress-up game. They’ve decided to do it by showing off their newest skirts and dresses. Can you help them upload photos that feature their latest outfits?

  • BFFs: Unicorn Party
    BFFs: Unicorn Party
    Played 1107 times

    Ever since she moved to an enchanted ice palace, this princess has been really lonely. That’s why she’s decided to throw a surprise party for all her friends in this online design and dress-up game. It’s going to have an awesome and super cute unicorn theme. She could really use your help while she decides on the perfect snacks and a cool outfit to wear.

  • Travel Diaries: City Break
    Travel Diaries: City Break
    Played 1282 times

    This stylish girl hasn’t seen some of her friends in a while. That’s why she’s going on a globetrotting adventure to meet up with them in this online travel simulation game. Can you help her choose the perfect outfit for each stop on her trip? Her friends live in several of the world’s most awesome and fashionable cities.

  • Princesses: Rainbow Dress-Up
    Princesses: Rainbow Dress-Up
    Played 958 times

    The fashion possibilities for these stylish princesses is sky high in this dress-up game! They’ve just been visited by a talking unicorn who wants to take them away to an enchanted kingdom in the clouds that’s filled with lots of rainbow-themed outfits and accessories. You can tag along with them on this awesome journey, too!

  • Villain's New Year, New Me!
    Villain's New Year, New Me!
    Played 1943 times

    A new year has begun, and this infamous villain is looking for a fresh start. Can you help her kickoff things in style with an awesome makeover? Help her create a new style with some fresh makeup, cool outfits, and much more! She’ll just need to get rid of her zits first!

  • Wedding Day Drama
    Wedding Day Drama
    Played 3614 times

    Wedding bells are scheduled to ring for this young bride today, but one of her friends is determined to ruin everything! Which girl will actually win the groom’s heart in this outrageous dress-up and wedding game?

  • Blondie Visits Mermaid
    Blondie Visits Mermaid
    Played 286 times

    It’s time for this girl to visit her BFF. There’s only one problem: she’s a mermaid! Can you help her get ready for a truly enchanting trip under the sea in this dress-up game? She’ll need to start by putting on some makeup that’s waterproof!

  • Eliza's Style Week
    Eliza's Style Week
    Played 687 times

    Eliza is trying to become a fashion influencer. That’s why she’s designing an entire week’s worth of totally cool and cute outfits that she can share with her followers on her favorite social media app. Can you help her create some awesome styles in this dress-up and career simulation game?

  • Princesses: Time Travel
    Princesses: Time Travel
    Played 476 times

    School has been totally boring for these princesses today. Fortunately, a time machine just appeared out of nowhere! Tag along with them as they go on an exciting journey in this crazy dress-up game. Can you help them find the outfits and accessories they’ll need in order to fit in with everyone from Victorian aristocrats to futuristic fashionistas?

  • Ellie: Hollywood Star
    Ellie: Hollywood Star
    Played 692 times

    Ellie is eager to begin her new career in Hollywood. Can you help her get ready for a series of roles in some very different movies? She’ll need the perfect costumes for a romantic comedy, a fantasy film, and more! Can you help her design them, and fast, in this dress-up and career simulation game?

  • Eliza's Moody Fashion Guide
    Eliza's Moody Fashion Guide
    Played 1524 times

    Eliza is creating some outfits that will each be a perfect fit for one of her different moods. Can you help her come up with some styles that will go along great with however she feels in this unique dress-up and design game?

  • Princesses: Photogram Stories
    Princesses: Photogram Stories
    Played 1130 times

    It’s time for these stylish princesses to update their favorite social media app. Can you help them while they put together a few posts that really tell a story in this dress-up game? They could use your advice while they choose some cool outfits and makeup that will look great in their next selfies.

  • Sisters: Winter Escape
    Sisters: Winter Escape
    Played 277 times

    Wintertime is here and these two fashionable sisters are getting tired of all the cold weather. Can you help them enjoy a walk through the snow while they plan an awesome getaway to a tropical resort? They’ll need just the right outfits for both in this dress-up game.

  • Ellie: Fashion Police
    Ellie: Fashion Police
    Played 2625 times

    Ellie has been taking her new role as a member of the fashion police a little too seriously! She’s just busted three girls for some serious fashion faux pas! Could you help Ellie create a few awesome new styles for them in this dress-up and design game?

  • Princesses: Breakup Drama
    Princesses: Breakup Drama
    Played 4948 times

    Breakups are often filled with tons of drama, especially when princesses are involved! Can you help this royal get over her old boyfriend in this makeover game? Her friends are determined to cheer her up with some awesome new clothes, makeup, and more!

  • Princesses: Outfit Coloring
    Princesses: Outfit Coloring
    Played 557 times

    It’s time for these fashionable princesses to create some new outfits. They’re really focusing on the colors in this dress-up and design game. Can you help them create lots of totally awesome and colorful styles?

  • Princesses: New Year Collection
    Princesses: New Year Collection
    Played 285 times

    A new year is about to begin! What better time to pick out some fresh outfits and hairstyles? Tag along with these fashionable princesses while they create some awesome looks for their New Year’s Eve party in this dress-up game.

  • Multiverse Eliza
    Multiverse Eliza
    Played 274 times

    Eliza has been magically transported to a mysterious realm called the Multiverse! Can you help her choose an awesome outfit before she goes exploring in this wild dress-up game? There’s no telling who, or what, she might run into! It could even be other versions of herself from alternate realities.

  • Superhero Look-Alike Contest
    Superhero Look-Alike Contest
    Played 374 times

    Each one of these fashionable girls is determined to win this awesome look-alike contest. Can you help them all recreate the style of their favorite superhero in this online dress-up game? They’ll need to choose the perfect makeup and just the right costume if they want to win.

  • Bridezilla Ellie
    Bridezilla Ellie
    Played 1111 times

    All the stress of getting ready for her wedding day has turned Ellie into a total bridezilla! Could you help her bridesmaids keep their cool while she freaks out over the dresses they chose for the ceremony? She wants them to find new ones, and fast, so they’ll really need your advice in this wedding dress-up game.

  • DecoRate: Design Champions
    DecoRate: Design Champions
    Played 1492 times

    Have you got what it takes to become a top designer in this online design game? Create an awesome avatar before you start redecorating one of several rooms while you compete against other players from all around the world. You can choose which colors to paint the walls, what types of furniture and decor to add, and more! There’s also exciting challenges that will really put your skills to the test.

  • Christmas Gift Mania
    Christmas Gift Mania
    Played 1502 times

    Christmas morning is finally here, and these fashionable girls are getting ready to open their presents. You can join them in this online game that’s perfect for the holiday season. What’s waiting for them under their tree? Could it be lots of awesome outfits and accessories? It’s time to find out!

  • Love Finder Profile
    Love Finder Profile
    Played 1580 times

    Can you help this fashionable girl find the boyfriend of her dreams? She’s using a dating app to look for love in this romantic online game. You can help her friends while they give her a quick makeover and take some awesome photos for her profile.

  • Friend Zone Dress-Up
    Friend Zone Dress-Up
    Played 3102 times

    This girl is worried about winding up in the friend zone yet again! Could you help her find a new boyfriend who’s totally perfect for her in this romantic dress-up game? You can join her while she changes her hairstyle, completes a quiz, and chooses a great outfit for her next date!

  • Bridesmaids Hair Salon
    Bridesmaids Hair Salon
    Played 676 times

    Wedding bells are ringing for this fashionable bride! Can you help her bridesmaids get ready for her big day in this online dress-up game? They’ll need to do their hair at the salon before they choose some awesome accessories that will go great with their dresses.

  • Your Fairy Tale Adventure
    Your Fairy Tale Adventure
    Played 329 times

    A wicked fairy is determined to take over an enchanted kingdom in this magical dress-up and adventure game! Join this brave fairy princess while she sets out to stop her! You’ll need the perfect outfits for your journey, needless to say. Can you design some truly fantastic ones while you explore the Mystic Place, the Fairy Lands, and beyond?

  • Princesses: Dorm Party
    Princesses: Dorm Party
    Played 1134 times

    A dorm room might sound like a totally crazy place to host a party, but these princesses are going to try it anyway! Can you help them arrange what’s sure to be a wild night in this dress-up and design game? They’ll need to choose some cool hairstyles, outfits, and more!

  • Princesses: Future Fashion
    Princesses: Future Fashion
    Played 1419 times

    The future is now for these two princesses! One of them bought a time machine that was on sale, and now they’re in the 23rd century. You can join them on their crazy adventure while they check out this futuristic metropolis’ hottest styles and trends in this dress-up game.

  • Villain Queen: Secret Mission
    Villain Queen: Secret Mission
    Played 2362 times

    This villainous girl thinks each one of her friends could use a makeover that’s really wild. Join her on a secret mission to lure them to her favorite boutique and salon in this online game. Can you help her create some awesome styles for all of her friends?

  • Princesses: Love Profile
    Princesses: Love Profile
    Played 1052 times

    These princesses are searching for love! They’ve decided to give online dating a try, and they each want to post the perfect photo on their profile. Can you help them all achieve the right look in this romantic makeover game?

  • Ellie and Eliza in Candyland
    Ellie and Eliza in Candyland
    Played 0 times

    Ellie and Eliza are about to visit the magical kingdom of Candyland. Can you help them choose some enchanting outfits and makeup before they begin what’s sure to be an unforgettable journey in this dress-up game?

  • Eliza's Fashion Blog
    Eliza's Fashion Blog
    Played 1596 times

    Eliza’s trying to come up with some new ideas for her blog. Join her while she creates a few fresh styles for all her followers in this online dress-up and design game. She could really use your fashion tips.