• Baby Doll House Cleaning
    Baby Doll House Cleaning
    Played 328 times

    Oh dear! Things have gotten really messy around this house. Can you tidy up the baby’s room first in this online cleaning game? You’ll need to put everything back in the right places, remove all the cobwebs, and more.

  • Babies Playroom Make Over
    Babies Playroom Make Over
    Played 318 times

    Design the babies playroom in a way you like.

  • Halloween House Makeover
    Halloween House Makeover
    Played 317 times

    Decorate this house as scary as possible.

  • Dinner Decoration 2
    Dinner Decoration 2
    Played 307 times

    Decorate the dinner table using the given items.

  • Colosseum Doll House
    Colosseum Doll House
    Played 291 times

    Create a scene of Roman gladiator action!

  • Birthday Party Decoration 3
    Birthday Party Decoration 3
    Played 280 times

    She must finish decorating the room before her guests come, can you help her?

  • Hair Studio Decoration
    Hair Studio Decoration
    Played 279 times

    Use your skills as an interior designer to decorate this hair studio with some great mirrors and lights!

  • Super Cute Princesses: Tree House
    Super Cute Princesses: Tree House
    Played 263 times

    Each one of these princesses is designing the perfect tree house! Can you help them choose how to decorate the houses and which kinds of furniture to put in them? They could really use your advice while they work on their projects and decide on some awesome outfits, too!

  • Pet House Make Over
    Pet House Make Over
    Played 259 times

    Decorate the pet shop using the given items.

  • Bathroom Decoration 6
    Bathroom Decoration 6
    Played 257 times

    Help this little girl decorate her cosy bathroom.

  • Tearoom Decoration
    Tearoom Decoration
    Played 255 times

    Decorate the tearoom just as you like using the given items.

  • Plush Toys Decoration
    Plush Toys Decoration
    Played 247 times

    Put all items in their places and decorate the toy shop just as you like!

  • Pizza&Hamburger Décor
    Pizza&Hamburger Décor
    Played 237 times

    Decorate the pizza bar using the items given.

  • BFFs: Ice Cafe Party
    BFFs: Ice Cafe Party
    Played 210 times

    An ice cafe is definitely a cool place to host a party. Literally! Can you help these two BFFs get everything ready for their guests in this dress up and design game for girls? They’ll need to decorate the cafe and choose some outfits that are warm and stylish, too.

  • Moody Ally: Back To School
    Moody Ally: Back To School
    Played 207 times

    A new school year is about to begin and, needless to say, Ally is in no mood for classes to start up again. Can you help her feel better about it in this dress-up and design game? You can decorate her desk, figure out where all her stuff should go, and freshen up her style with a new haircut and a cool outfit.

  • My First Party Décor
    My First Party Décor
    Played 206 times

    Pick items and help the girls decorate their room for a birthday party.

  • Birthday Party Decoration
    Birthday Party Decoration
    Played 206 times

    Help these kids prepare their room for a big birthday party!

  • Luna Park Décor
    Luna Park Décor
    Played 205 times

    Decorate this huge amusement park using the given items.

  • Ellie's Reading Nook
    Ellie's Reading Nook
    Played 202 times

    Ellie loves to read fantasy novels and other types of books so much that she has a reading nook in her home. She’s decided to redesign it though in this online game for girls. Can you give her a little advice while she picks out a new lamp and a super comfy chair? She’d also like to know which book you think she should read next.

  • Bathroom Decoration 4
    Bathroom Decoration 4
    Played 191 times

    Decorate the bathroom so it looks nice and cosy.

  • Puppy Star Dog House
    Puppy Star Dog House
    Played 181 times

    Puppy Star needs to plush out his new pad!

  • My House
    My House
    Played 178 times

    Building is so much easier when you have a wise old bird with an excellent bird's eye view!

  • Princess Spring Re-Fresh-ion
    Princess Spring Re-Fresh-ion
    Played 159 times

    Spring is here and this princess could really use a fresh look. Help her clean out her wardrobe and create some awesome new styles in this makeover game for girls.

  • Room Makeover 2
    Room Makeover 2
    Played 129 times

    Decorate the room with the given beds, chairs, tables and accessories!

  • Bella: Books and Fashion
    Bella: Books and Fashion
    Played 108 times

    Bella has decided that her room needs a major upgrade. There’s not enough space for her books and she’d like to put up some new framed prints. Can you help her redesign and redecorate the room before she chooses a new outfit in this online game for girls?

  • Girls Summer Fashion Fun
    Girls Summer Fashion Fun
    Played 106 times

    These three friends are ready to spend a beautiful afternoon at this private pool. They’ll be hosting a party and they’ll need your help getting everything ready for their guests. Help them decorate, and choose some awesome outfits too, in this design game for girls.

  • Princesses Spring Activities
    Princesses Spring Activities
    Played 92 times

    These four princesses are getting ready for spring. Help them redecorate their friend’s house with some fresh flowers and cool decorations. You can also choose some awesome outfits for them too in this online game for girls.

  • Poor Bedroom Decoration
    Poor Bedroom Decoration
    Played 80 times

    Look at the picture and decorate this poor bedroom.

  • Cafe Garden Decoration
    Cafe Garden Decoration
    Played 71 times

    Decorate the cafe in a way you like.

  • Choose a Pet
    Choose a Pet
    Played 65 times

    Choose your favourite pets. You can change their sizes by clicking on the colorful arrows.

  • Ice Cream Parlor Make Over
    Ice Cream Parlor Make Over
    Played 57 times

    Help these two nice girls design their ice cream parlor!

  • Mushroom Home Decoration
    Mushroom Home Decoration
    Played 53 times

    Decorate this mushroom house as nicely as you can!

  • Princesses: Winter Stories
    Princesses: Winter Stories
    Played 51 times

    Goldie and Annie are two princesses and they haven’t seen each other in a while. They’ve got tons of gossip to catch up on so they’ve decided to get together and chat over some hot chocolate in this online design and dress up game. Could you help them decorate Annie’s living room with a few cozy pillows and blankets before you choose some comfy and warm outfits for their walk through the snow?

  • Christmas Tree Deco
    Christmas Tree Deco
    Played 50 times

    These three girls are decorating their Christmas tree and they could really use your help. Join them while they put up some pretty lights and fill the tree with tons of cool ornaments. With you helping them out, they should be finished in no time flat in this game for girls.

  • Hairdresser Decoration
    Hairdresser Decoration
    Played 45 times

    Decorate the hairdressing salon using the given items.

  • Space Room Make Over
    Space Room Make Over
    Played 43 times

    A dream room with the stars and the sky above you. Decorate it as you like.