• 3D Color by Number
    3D Color by Number
    Played 370 times

    You can decorate everything from cute animals to fashionable outfits in this 3D coloring and design game. Use lots of awesome colors while you paint cars, musical instruments, and so much more!

  • Ice Princess: Real Makeover
    Ice Princess: Real Makeover
    Played 0 times

    Even magical princesses enjoy an occasional makeover. Join the Ice Princess while she creates a whole new style in this online game. You can help her choose everything from some awesome makeup to a few outfits that are really cool after she gets rid of her pesky pimples.

  • Baby Hazel Craft Time
    Baby Hazel Craft Time
    Played 676 times

    It's cutie craft time with Baby Hazel, and she needs your help!

  • Miraculous Hero Closet
    Miraculous Hero Closet
    Played 41 times

    There’s tons of awesome outfits and accessories in this superhero's closet. They’re all over the place in there, though! Can you help her quickly organize everything in this hidden objects and time management game? She doesn’t have much time until she needs to begin her next thrilling adventure.

  • Miraculous Hero: Design Rivals
    Miraculous Hero: Design Rivals
    Played 36 times

    Creating these outfits could be one of this superhero’s greatest adventures so far! Will she be able to outdo her rival in this time management and design game? Team up with her while she creates three different and very unique dresses that each have a cool theme. She’ll need to use the sewing machine while her rival is distracted with her own design project.

  • Celebrity BFFs: Festival Fun
    Celebrity BFFs: Festival Fun
    Played 179 times

    One of the season’s coolest festivals is about to begin, and these famous BFFs aren’t quite ready. They’ll need your help while they quickly pick out some awesome clothes and fabulous makeup in this online dress-up game.

  • Eliza's Heavenly Wedding
    Eliza's Heavenly Wedding
    Played 57 times

    Eliza is hoping that her wedding day will be downright heavenly. Team up with the members of her bride squad while they help her create a truly wonderful day in this online dress-up game. They’ll need to choose the perfect outfits, some awesome makeup, and more!

  • Baby Hazel: Doctor Play
    Baby Hazel: Doctor Play
    Played 283 times

    Hazel is heading to the shops because she wants some new toys. Maybe something educational would be cool?

  • Arabian Princess: Visiting Home
    Arabian Princess: Visiting Home
    Played 0 times

    The school year is about to come to an end, and this princess is going to be spending the summer back home with her family. Can you help her decide which outfits and accessories she should take with her while she chooses what to wear during the trip?

  • Ellie: Twins Birth
    Ellie: Twins Birth
    Played 76 times

    Ellie is about to give birth to twins in this realistic medical simulation game! Can you help make sure that everything goes well? She’ll need to remain calm while she waits for the ambulance to take her to the hospital.

  • Baby Hazel Fun Time
    Baby Hazel Fun Time
    Played 328 times

    Taking care of kids is hard work. Put your babysitting skills to the test with Hazel.

  • Princesses: Astonishing Outfits
    Princesses: Astonishing Outfits
    Played 0 times

    All of these princesses are searching for a new look that’s truly astonishing! Can you help all of them create a style that will really impress everyone they meet in this dress-up and design game? They’re not looking for ordinary outfits, they’re looking for extraordinary ones!

  • Back to School: Coloring Book
    Back to School: Coloring Book
    Played 0 times

    The virtual coloring book in this online coloring game is a great way to get into the spirit of going back to school. You can decorate drawings of dinosaurs, monkeys, and more!

  • Villain Quinn Wants to Become a Princess
    Villain Quinn Wants to Become a Princess
    Played 17 times

    Maybe it’s time for Quinn to change her evil ways. Instead of plotting her next crime wave, she’s decided to try to become a princess instead. Can you help her prove that she’s got what it would take to become a royal in this wild dress-up game? A complete makeover is definitely going to be the first step!

  • Super Doll: Ear Doctor
    Super Doll: Ear Doctor
    Played 16 times

    Even superheroes sometimes need to visit the doctor. This one is having a problem with one of her ears. Could you join her at her doctor’s office while she gets it checked out in this medical simulation game?

  • Baby Hazel: Laundry Time
    Baby Hazel: Laundry Time
    Played 356 times

    Hazel got stuck out in the rain and now her outfit is all muddy. Better get it washed before it stains...

  • Jessie and Noelle's BFF Real Makeover
    Jessie and Noelle's BFF Real Makeover
    Played 24 times

    Jessie and Noelle are BFFs, and they’re teaming up for two of the best makeovers ever! Can you help them work on some new styles for themselves in this online simulation game?

  • Happy Sushi Roll
    Happy Sushi Roll
    Played 13 times

    It’s really getting busy at this cute sushi cafe. Will you be able to keep up with all of your customers’ orders? You’ll need to work as fast as you can in this time management and simulation game while you make lots of different types of sushi.

  • Baby Hazel Brushing Time
    Baby Hazel Brushing Time
    Played 291 times

    A very good morning is waiting for Hazel on this sunshiny day! Refresh her mood with a good brush of her teeth, a loving hug and some playtime with toys!

  • BFFs: Wacky Fashion Festival
    BFFs: Wacky Fashion Festival
    Played 31 times

    There’s a fashion festival this weekend, but it’s kinda weird. It’s a celebration of the world’s wackiest and wildest outfits! Can you help these three BFFs create some styles that will really impress everybody at the festival in this dress-up and design game?

  • All Seasons Diva
    All Seasons Diva
    Played 158 times

    Any time of the year is the perfect time for fashion! Tag along with this stylish diva as she goes looking for outfits and makeup that are perfect for all four seasons in this dress-up game.

  • My Sister's Wedding Day
    My Sister's Wedding Day
    Played 85 times

    This bride just told her sister she’s getting married soon! Can you help her rush to where the ceremony will be held and help get everything ready? She’ll need to choose some great outfits and makeup for both herself and her sister in this dress-up game.

  • Baby Hazel Winter Fun
    Baby Hazel Winter Fun
    Played 357 times

    It's a beautiful snowy day! Help Baby Hazel build a snowman and join the many fun activities with her!

  • Girls: Dancing Queens
    Girls: Dancing Queens
    Played 112 times

    These girls are ready to rule the dance floor at their favorite club. They just need to get dressed first! Can you help them decide on some awesome outfits and makeup in this online dress-up game before their evening begins?

  • Winter Shopping with Ellie
    Winter Shopping with Ellie
    Played 0 times

    It’s never too early, or too late, to do a little winter shopping. Join Ellie and her boyfriend Kevin while they go in search of tons of awesome and super comfy outfits in this online shopping and dress-up game. Can you help them create a few styles that are totally perfect for the season?

  • Ellie's Childish Outfits
    Ellie's Childish Outfits
    Played 29 times

    Ellie’s searching for a new look that’s energetic and exciting in this online dress-up game. Some might call these outfits childish, but they’re exactly what she’s been trying to find in all of her favorite shops. Can you help her mix and match them to create a few awesome styles?

  • Baby Hazel Summer Fun
    Baby Hazel Summer Fun
    Played 184 times

    It’s one of the warmest days of the year so Hazel is heading to the nearest swimming pool. She’s still quite young so she’s not quite sure what she should take with her. Could you help Hazel get ready for a fun summer day in this point and click game? Make sure that she takes a towel and some suntan lotion too.

  • Baby and the Bear Fun Time
    Baby and the Bear Fun Time
    Played 17 times

    Baby and her bear-y best friend are about to spend an awesome afternoon together. You can join them while they enjoy each one of these fun activities. Can you help them pick flowers, wash Baby’s bike, and more in this adorable simulation game?

  • Arty Mouse: Learn ABC
    Arty Mouse: Learn ABC
    Played 26 times

    Are you learning your ABCs? Arty and his friend can help you in this educational online game. They’ll teach you how to write each letter in the alphabet.

  • Super Ellie Bride
    Super Ellie Bride
    Played 150 times

    Super Ellie’s wedding day is just around the corner, and she doesn’t even have her gown yet! Can you help her quickly get ready for what’s sure to be a totally super wedding in this bridal dress-up and makeover game?

  • Baby Hazel at Beach
    Baby Hazel at Beach
    Played 292 times

    Hazel is ready to enjoy a fun and relaxing day at the beach. However, she needs your help gathering all of the things she wants to take with her. Hazel has a list. Could you go over it with her to make sure that she didn’t miss anything in this point and click game? Don’t forget her sand bucket, sunglasses, teddy bear and beach umbrella.

  • Fairies: Sauna Real Life
    Fairies: Sauna Real Life
    Played 105 times

    These magical fairies are about to spend some time at their favorite sauna in this magical simulation game. Can you help them get ready for what’s sure to be a very chill afternoon filled with tons of relaxing activities?

  • Super Doll: Skin Doctor
    Super Doll: Skin Doctor
    Played 544 times

    Oh no! This superhero is dealing with a major skin rash on her face! Could you take a look in this medical simulation game? She could really use your help!

  • Holly's Royal Fashion
    Holly's Royal Fashion
    Played 178 times

    Holly’s been looking through the feed in her favorite social media app for some fresh and cool styles. She’s decided to make a few outfits that are truly royal! Can you help her create them in this online dress-up and design game?

  • Baby Hazel: Royal Bath
    Baby Hazel: Royal Bath
    Played 508 times

    Hazel has a new baby brother. Help her unwind from all the stress with a relaxing bath.

  • Ice Princess: Real Dentist Experience
    Ice Princess: Real Dentist Experience
    Played 511 times

    The Ice Princess keeps forgetting to brush and floss her teeth. Unfortunately, this means she’s got a few cavities she’ll need to deal with in this medical simulation game. She’s waiting for you in her dentist’s office and hopes you can fill each one.