Makeover Games

  • Anime Elf Creator
    Anime Elf Creator
    Played 582 times

    Live your fantasy as a young and beautiful Elf in this fantastic visual designer game called Anime Elf Creator. There are plenty of design options to pick and add to your anime elf.

  • Extreme Makeover
    Extreme Makeover
    Played 5130 times

    Have fun in a multilevel makeover experience of a lifetime to experiment with amazing transformations. Show off your makeover talents with the Before and After photos as picture perfect proof!

  • My Romantic Wedding
    My Romantic Wedding
    Played 564 times

    No need to be a bridezilla when you're in complete creative control!

  • Cleo de Nile Real Haircuts
    Cleo de Nile Real Haircuts
    Played 682 times

    The queen of Egypt is getting a new haircut! In this Real Haircuts title you have the amazing privilege to cut, trim and dye Cleo de Niles.

  • Princesses Bike Trip
    Princesses Bike Trip
    Played 1225 times

    Belle and Rapunzel are getting ready for a bicycle ride but they have no clue what to wear. Could you help each princess find an outfit and decorate their bike in this dress up game?

  • Disney Couples: Naughty or Nice
    Disney Couples: Naughty or Nice
    Played 14439 times

    Anna and Ariel are getting ready for a double date with Eric and Kristoff but they can’t decide what to wear. Can you help each one choose an outfit that’s nice or a bit naughty in this dress up game?

  • Back To School Makeover
    Back To School Makeover
    Played 2089 times

    Cleansing, steaming, squeezing... who knew getting ready for school was so much work?

  • Princesses vs Villains: Selfie Challenge
    Princesses vs Villains: Selfie Challenge
    Played 3542 times

    Join the ultimate selfie challenge between the lovely princesses with Ariel, Rapunzel and Anna as they compete against Cruella de Ville and other notorious villians. Dress them up, choose the facial expression and snap the fun photie! Who will win?

  • My New Room
    My New Room
    Played 9521 times

    Decorate your room with your favourite items and choose the colour scheme!

  • Snip 'n Style Salon
    Snip 'n Style Salon
    Played 4304 times

    Things are very busy down at this popular salon this afternoon. Can you recreate each one of these cool hairstyles for your customers? They’re depending on you in this fun makeover game.

  • Decorate The Waterpark
    Decorate The Waterpark
    Played 636 times

    Here's a thing: design Jinx and Minx a waterpark worth a swim!

  • Riley New Room Decor
    Riley New Room Decor
    Played 1558 times
  • Tokyo Mew Mew
    Tokyo Mew Mew
    Played 1325 times

    Ichigo and her friends want some totally awesome new outfits in this fun makeover and dressup game! Help them with some tips and styles with your fashionably forward eye for beauty!

  • Beach Decoration
    Beach Decoration
    Played 967 times

    Transform this beach from bare and boring to a bustling paradise!

  • Bad Teeth Makeover
    Bad Teeth Makeover
    Played 2051 times
  • Room Makeover
    Room Makeover
    Played 2105 times

    Your new dream house needs a good clean before you decorate it with your taste of stylish furniture! Are you ready for a room makeover?

  • Decorate the Candy Store
    Decorate the Candy Store
    Played 801 times

    Like a kid in a candy store...

  • Midnight Dollhouse
    Midnight Dollhouse
    Played 976 times

    Design this nice dollhouse in a way you like!

  • Home Design
    Home Design
    Played 1871 times

    This holiday home could really use your interior decorating skills. Do you have a second to take a peek?

  • Princess Super Team
    Princess Super Team
    Played 7028 times

    Elsa and her fellow princesses have decided to become superheroes and fight crime. Can you help them pick out the right outfits and some truly super accessories in this dress up game?

  • Celebrity Look Challenge
    Celebrity Look Challenge
    Played 7028 times

    All of these celebs totally love fashion! Can you recreate some of their coolest and most famous outfits in this makeover game?

  • Mega Summer Dress Up
    Mega Summer Dress Up
    Played 990 times

    This fashionable teen is searching for the perfect summer look. Let’s help her design an outfit that’s totally perfect for a day at the beach in this dress up game.

  • My Xmas Room
    My Xmas Room
    Played 1543 times

    Enter into the seasonal holiday spirit with this special edition of your favourite room decorating game!

  • Makeover Slacking
    Makeover Slacking
    Played 992 times

    Sarah got a great new job at the beauty salon! Excited to learn beauty tips her disappointment cannot be concealed when she learned she must only work at reception. Can Sarah sneak past her boss into the salon and slack with some spa treatments or will her career need a makeover? Help her now to complete her beauty regime on time before she gets caught.

  • Feline Cub Maker
    Feline Cub Maker
    Played 979 times

    Dress up these adorable felines in this cute game made for girls, Feline Cub Maker. Choose from a variety of options to create your own special feline!

  • Jack Leaving Elie
    Jack Leaving Elie
    Played 2003 times

    Ken just broke up with Barbie. Let’s help her feel better with a makeover and a fun night with her friends.

  • Blonde Princess Makeup Time
    Blonde Princess Makeup Time
    Played 12739 times

    It's time to play with Disney princess Rapunzel in this fun game made for girls, Blonde Princess Makeup Time. Choose from an assortment of items and be creative as you like!

  • Disney Princess Coachella
    Disney Princess Coachella
    Played 4215 times

    These beautiful Disney princesses are going to a really awesome event, but they need your help with dressing them up!

  • My New Room 3
    My New Room 3
    Played 5697 times

    This room is your very own blank slate. Go for it, girl!

  • Prince and Princess Decoration
    Prince and Princess Decoration
    Played 544 times

    Use the items provided to decorate this wonderful fairytale world!

  • Princesses Road Trip
    Princesses Road Trip
    Played 2113 times

    Rapunzel is tagging along with Anna and Elsa on a road trip in this dress up game. Help them clean up their grandparents’ Volkswagen Beetle and pick out some fabulous outfits before they hit the road.

  • Mermaid Princess: Make Up
    Mermaid Princess: Make Up
    Played 6432 times

    This fashionable undersea princess is searching for a whole new look. Could you help her try out some new makeup and choose an awesome outfit in this makeover game?

  • Shopaholic: Hawaii
    Shopaholic: Hawaii
    Played 2251 times

    Browse these bodacious beach-side boutiques! You'll be saying "Aloha" in no time!

  • Adventure Time Dress Up
    Adventure Time Dress Up
    Played 987 times

    When they're not out on an adventure, Finn, Princess Bubblegum and the rest of their friends love to dress up and have fun in the candy kingdom! Can you help them choose what to wear?

  • Baby Doll House Décor
    Baby Doll House Décor
    Played 817 times

    Help this baby doll decorate her cosy room!

  • Lily Real Makeup
    Lily Real Makeup
    Played 5679 times

    Lily could really use some advice about makeup. Could you help her pick out the perfect blush and choose the right lipstick in this free online game?

    • DIY My Boyfriend's Outfits Refashion
      DIY My Boyfriend's Outfits Refashion
      Played 12148 times

      This fashionable girl is raiding her boyfriend’s closet in this design and dress up game. Join her while she searches for some old clothes that she can turn into a few awesome outfits.

    • Snow White Wedding Dress
      Snow White Wedding Dress
      Played 2269 times

      Snow White is searching high and low for the perfect wedding gown. Can you help her get organized and choose the right one in this enchanting dress up game?

    • Queen Makeover
      Queen Makeover
      Played 2662 times

      This girl needs a makeover fit for a queen, but she needs all your expert help now!

    • From Naughty to Hottie
      From Naughty to Hottie
      Played 10599 times

      This girl is tired of her current style and wants to try a new one. Can you help her replace her naughty look with one that’s a bit more nice in this awesome dress up game?

    • Princesses Prom Night
      Princesses Prom Night
      Played 10809 times

      It's a super special night for these girls and they need your help to get them ready! Dress up each Disney princess in your own way in this fantastic family fun game made for girls, Princesses Prom Night.

    • Magical Forest Maker
      Magical Forest Maker
      Played 542 times

      Mother Nature can’t do it by herself... she needs you to make a mystical magical forest!

    • Dove Prom Dolly Dress Up
      Dove Prom Dolly Dress Up
      Played 4672 times

      Dove is going to the prom but she has no idea what to wear. Fortunately, she has several gift boxes filled with some great clothes and accessories. Help her dig through them in this makeover game.

    • Shopping Center Decoration
      Shopping Center Decoration
      Played 875 times

      Decorate the shopping center and provide it with goods so the girl could find anything she needs.

    • Ariel & Elsa: Love Rivals
      Ariel & Elsa: Love Rivals
      Played 2286 times

      These two beautiful Disney princesses are in love with the same prince and now they want you to dress them both up to win his heart!

    • Princesses vs Princes Selfie Battle
      Princesses vs Princes Selfie Battle
      Played 1562 times

      Being a royal is all about protecting your public image – which means you better be a master of the selfie! There's nothing noble about this battle of the sexes for the perfect privileged pose.

    • My New Room 2
      My New Room 2
      Played 7618 times

      My New Room 2 adds more cool options like music styles, pets and backdrops to create your perfect room!

    • Blonde Princess Real Makeover
      Blonde Princess Real Makeover
      Played 1208 times

      This pretty blonde princess struggles to clear her skin from blemishes and acne. Help her with an amazing makeover to reveal her true beauty!