Hairdresser Games for Girls

  • Hairdresser on Vacation
    Hairdresser on Vacation
    Played 255 times

    Ever wanted to be a hairdresser in an exotic location? Well now you can! Create a range of awesome hairstyles!

  • Baby: Flower Braids
    Baby: Flower Braids
    Played 311 times

    Baby is eager to redo her hair with this pretty braid. Can you help her get it right?

  • Bonnie Hair Doctor
    Bonnie Hair Doctor
    Played 456 times

    These customers are each suffering from a terrible case of Bad Hair Day...but Bonnie’s got the cure!

  • Cinderella: Real Haircuts
    Cinderella: Real Haircuts
    Played 1875 times

    This princess has really let her hair go totally wild. Let’s create a magical hairdo for her.

  • The Retro Hairstyles
    The Retro Hairstyles
    Played 205 times

    Ever wanted to learn how to create stylish, retro hairstyles sure to make every head turn? Well now you can!

  • Real Haircuts: Snow White
    Real Haircuts: Snow White
    Played 1412 times

    Snow White’s pretty locks have lost their lustre. Let’s see if we can give her a fantastic haircut...

  • Justin Bieber Real Haircuts
    Justin Bieber Real Haircuts
    Played 489 times

    Justin could really use a haircut. Do you have time to trim his luscious locks?

  • Real Haircuts: Cinderella
    Real Haircuts: Cinderella
    Played 512 times

    The fairy tale princess has allowed her hair to run wild. Let's get her to a salon and fast!

  • Real Wedding Braids
    Real Wedding Braids
    Played 1920 times

    Help this bride prepare for her wedding day. She'll need to begin with a makeover...

  • Winter Braids Tutorial
    Winter Braids Tutorial
    Played 279 times

    Learn how to create some wonderful winter braids with this cool game.

  • Real Haircuts: Rapunzel
    Real Haircuts: Rapunzel
    Played 3461 times

    Rapunzel’s hair needs to be tamed. Find some scissors and give her a fabulous new look.

  • Selena Gomez Inspired Hairstyles
    Selena Gomez Inspired Hairstyles
    Played 108 times

    Lend a hand with this makeover and pick out a haircut that Selena Gomez would totally love.

  • Baby: Winter Braids
    Baby: Winter Braids
    Played 286 times

    Baby would like a haircut that’s perfect for the wintertime. Which one should she pick?

  • SpongeBob Haircuts
    SpongeBob Haircuts
    Played 422 times

    SpongeBob grew his hair out. Now he wants to try another style. Could you trim his golden locks?

  • Beauty Hair Salon 2
    Beauty Hair Salon 2
    Played 245 times

    Mina and Chloe are each looking for some really cute haircuts. Which style should they try?

  • Ever After High: Poppy o' Hair Makeover
    Ever After High: Poppy o' Hair Makeover
    Played 787 times

    Poppy has a new job working in a spook-tacular salon. Would you like to help her with some monstrous makeovers?

  • Baby School Haircuts
    Baby School Haircuts
    Played 420 times

    Learn how to create the perfect haircut with Baby at this funtastic school.

  • Pixie Hollow: Real Haircuts
    Pixie Hollow: Real Haircuts
    Played 765 times

    This pixie has really let her hair run wild lately. Help her tame her mane and turn it into the perfect ‘do.

  • Baby Crazy Haircuts
    Baby Crazy Haircuts
    Played 421 times

    Baby wants to try out a totally wild new look. Which hairdo should she pick?

  • Belle Real Haircuts
    Belle Real Haircuts
    Played 908 times

    Belle has really let her hair run wild. Can you tame it and give her a whole new look?

  • Ariana Grande Inspired Hairstyles
    Ariana Grande Inspired Hairstyles
    Played 454 times

    All of these haircuts were inspired by the American singing sensation. Which one should this teen try out?

  • Fabulous Back to School Hairstyles
    Fabulous Back to School Hairstyles
    Played 211 times

    The school year is about to begin. Which of these three braids should this girl try out?

  • Frozen Elsa: Feather Chain Braids
    Frozen Elsa: Feather Chain Braids
    Played 772 times

    Do you have a moment? Elsa wants to try out these braids, but she needs a little help.

  • Cute Braided Buns
    Cute Braided Buns
    Played 241 times

    Can you pull off this tricky hairstyle? It’s a little bit complicated...

  • Ellie: Haircut Creator
    Ellie: Haircut Creator
    Played 307 times

    Help Ellie create a style that’s super cool and fantastically fashionable.

  • Anna Frozen Hair Spa
    Anna Frozen Hair Spa
    Played 258 times

    Anna wants a whole new look so she’s headed to the coolest spa in the kingdom.

  • Baby Manga Haircuts
    Baby Manga Haircuts
    Played 140 times

    Manga haircuts are super cool! This young girl's about to try one on for size...

  • Summer Braided Hairstyles
    Summer Braided Hairstyles
    Played 742 times

    How good are you with braids? This girl wants a hairstyle that’s perfect for a sunny day.

  • Dora Real Haircuts
    Dora Real Haircuts
    Played 250 times

    Work your magic and make Dora happy!

  • Pou: Real Haircuts
    Pou: Real Haircuts
    Played 489 times

    Pou is tired of his current hairdo. Give him a new one that’s completely cool.

  • Real Haircuts: Anna Frozen
    Real Haircuts: Anna Frozen
    Played 3115 times

    Transform yourself into a hairdresser and give Anna the most gorgeous makeover in the kingdom!

  • Summer Girl Hairstyle Maker
    Summer Girl Hairstyle Maker
    Played 134 times

    Put your salon skills to the test and create an awesome hairdo for this sun-loving cutie.

  • Hairmione's Perfect Hair Date
    Hairmione's Perfect Hair Date
    Played 540 times

    Grab your scissors, it's time to snip in the name of love!

  • Fashion Hairstyle Maker
    Fashion Hairstyle Maker
    Played 106 times

    Put your salon skills to the test with this fun makeover game.

  • Real Haircuts: Hannah Montana
    Real Haircuts: Hannah Montana
    Played 1251 times

    Love cutting-edge hairstyles? Then work your magic on the pop princess, Hannah Montana.

  • Real Haircuts: Justin Bieber
    Real Haircuts: Justin Bieber
    Played 1267 times

    When you cut hair for a handsome celebrity like Justin Bieber, the pressure is on...