Fashion Makeover Games for Girls

  • From Geeky to Popular
    From Geeky to Popular
    Played 59654 times

    Help this geeky girl pick out the boy that’s just right for her.

  • Shopaholic: Models
    Shopaholic: Models
    Played 21314 times

    Can you shop your way to supermodel stardom?

  • Shopaholic: New York
    Shopaholic: New York
    Played 16595 times

    Nobody knows the streets of New York like a shopaholic!

  • Avie Pocket: Beach!
    Avie Pocket: Beach!
    Played 12965 times

    Avie’s ready for a relaxing day at the beach but what should she take along?

  • Shopaholic: Christmas
    Shopaholic: Christmas
    Played 12084 times

    Live out your shopaholic dreams in the snowy streets of Paris!

  • Avie: My Pretty Avatar
    Avie: My Pretty Avatar
    Played 9881 times

    Pamper yourself before you hit the town to play some fun mini-games.

  • My Perfect Hair Day
    My Perfect Hair Day
    Played 8250 times

    Bye-bye bad hair, hello luscious locks!

  • Dating My Crush: Makeover
    Dating My Crush: Makeover
    Played 8167 times

    This girl has a date with the guy she’s been chasing all year. Help her look fab!

  • Shopaholic: Hawaii
    Shopaholic: Hawaii
    Played 7406 times

    Browse these bodacious beach-side boutiques! You'll be saying "Aloha" in no time!

  • My Geeky Boyfriend’s Makeover
    My Geeky Boyfriend’s Makeover
    Played 6662 times

    From geeky to gorgeous in just a few simple steps!

  • Fashion Designer
    Fashion Designer
    Played 5285 times

    Can you style your way to be the talk of NY Fashion Week!?

  • Shopaholic: Paris
    Shopaholic: Paris
    Played 4905 times

    Live out your shopaholic dreams in the streets and boulevards of Paris!

  • Avie: Christmas Style
    Avie: Christmas Style
    Played 3475 times

    Help this girl celebrate the holidays in style. She needs to get started on a makeover.

  • Princess Fashion Designer
    Princess Fashion Designer
    Played 3212 times

    Can you design the perfect wedding dress? Awesome, then let’s get started...

  • Pretty Cure 4
    Pretty Cure 4
    Played 2986 times

    Join the Pretty Cure gang for another round of fashion and fun.

  • Cutie Student Dressing Up
    Cutie Student Dressing Up
    Played 2915 times

    Help this super-cute schoolgirl put together an awesome outfit.

  • Ice Princess: Mommy Real Makeover
    Ice Princess: Mommy Real Makeover
    Played 2064 times

    The Ice Princess is about to have her first makeover. Join her mom while she creates a new style for her in this game for girls. You can give both of them facial treatments, design new hairstyles for them and much more!

  • Fashion Designer New York
    Fashion Designer New York
    Played 1846 times

    Travel to Manhattan and discover if you can take its fashion scene by storm.

  • Gwen Winter Real Makeover
    Gwen Winter Real Makeover
    Played 1405 times

    Gwen was incredibly busy over the holidays so she really neglected her complexion. Can you help her with a quick makeover for winter? See if you can zap her zits and create a new hairstyle for her in this game for girls.

  • Emma's Dress Up Party
    Emma's Dress Up Party
    Played 887 times

    Emma is going on a double date tonight and they’ll be attending a party. She has absolutely no clue what to wear though. Can you help her choose a cool outfit in this dress up game?

  • Latina Princess Spa Day
    Latina Princess Spa Day
    Played 781 times

    This princess is definitely having a bad hair day. She’s also dealing with some totally nasty pimples. Join her at this luxurious spa down by the sea for a makeover in this online game for girls.

  • Job Interview: Complete Makeover
    Job Interview: Complete Makeover
    Played 723 times

    Jessie has been searching for a new career for a while now. Help her get ready for a very important job interview in this dress up game. She’ll need help while she creates the ideal outfit.

  • Fashion Fiesta
    Fashion Fiesta
    Played 512 times

    Join the party and see how fast you can dress up these fabulous fashionistas.

  • Dress Up Sim
    Dress Up Sim
    Played 439 times

    Choose a model and change her look just as you like.

  • Teen Fashion Dress Up
    Teen Fashion Dress Up
    Played 353 times

    This teenager wants to look cool. Can you help her?

  • Cute Gal in Town
    Cute Gal in Town
    Played 302 times

    When you're in town, there's only one way to look: cute!

  • Harajuku Dress Up
    Harajuku Dress Up
    Played 297 times

    This girl really enjoys all of the crazy styles from Harajuku. Can you help her design a super cool outfit?

  • Emily's Fashion
    Emily's Fashion
    Played 283 times

    This fashionista’s got so many clothes in her wardrobe that she can’t decide what to wear! Can you help?

  • Fashion Collection Dress Up
    Fashion Collection Dress Up
    Played 248 times

    Carol loves to shop and has acquired quite a collection of fashions. Help her try them on!

  • Fashion Show Dress Up
    Fashion Show Dress Up
    Played 247 times

    Choose clothes for the autumn fashion show!

  • Aqua Fashion Style
    Aqua Fashion Style
    Played 219 times

    Get this aqua-loving fashionista made up for a day by the sea!

  • Makeover Designer 2
    Makeover Designer 2
    Played 217 times

    Give everyone in the family a makeover so they can document this picture-perfect moment!

  • Popstar Girl Facial
    Popstar Girl Facial
    Played 214 times

    Popstars get blemishes too, so get your facial kit ready and turn this spotlet into a starlet.

  • Elora Make Over
    Elora Make Over
    Played 183 times

    Give Elora a makeover by choosing tops, bottoms, hair, skin and jewels!

  • New York Fashion Show
    New York Fashion Show
    Played 160 times

    Glitz and glam are the New York must-haves this season!

  • Gossip Gal Dress-Up
    Gossip Gal Dress-Up
    Played 157 times

    Dress this gossip girl up for a day of eavesdropping!