Celebrity Games

  • Sushi Pack: Break the Ice
    Sushi Pack: Break the Ice
    Played 972 times

    Find the Pack and use your skill to free them from their frozen traps!

  • Celebrity Look Challenge
    Celebrity Look Challenge
    Played 6488 times

    All of these celebs totally love fashion! Can you recreate some of their coolest and most famous outfits in this makeover game?

  • Who Is Your Celebrity Bestie?
    Who Is Your Celebrity Bestie?
    Played 942 times

    Which pop star would make a great friend for you? Take this quiz to find out...

  • Kylie Jenner Top Model
    Kylie Jenner Top Model
    Played 4976 times

    Kylie is getting ready for her next photo shoot and she’s really running late. Could you help her pick out a great outfit? She’ll also need help with her hair too in this makeover game.

  • Ariana Grande Cosmo Girl
    Ariana Grande Cosmo Girl
    Played 544 times

    Ariana is hunting for a new look that’s very cosmopolitan. Can you help her create one with lots of cool accessories in this dress up game?

  • Kendall Jenner & Friends: Hair salon
    Kendall Jenner & Friends: Hair salon
    Played 1233 times

    Be like Kendall Jenner in this stunning and fun game for girls of all ages! Stand out in the crowd as you are the in the spotlight for attention and glamour!

  • Kim's Shoe Designer
    Kim's Shoe Designer
    Played 9004 times

    Create the perfect pair of pumps or some totally hot high heels in this cool design game. Kim could really use your help picking out the right colors, styles and much more.

  • Glee Cast Dress-Up
    Glee Cast Dress-Up
    Played 668 times

    Exercise your inner Gleek with a few rounds of McKinley High fashion!

  • Justin Bieber Date
    Justin Bieber Date
    Played 1728 times

    Imagine you're on a plane, bored out of your mind, when you look up and see...Justin Bieber!

  • Celeb Dinner Date
    Celeb Dinner Date
    Played 681 times

    Justin, Johnny, or Robert—who'll be your secret celeb date?

  • Holly Hobbie: Muffin Maker
    Holly Hobbie: Muffin Maker
    Played 780 times

    Help these three nice girls decorate muffins!

  • Selena Gomez: True Makeup
    Selena Gomez: True Makeup
    Played 1784 times

    Selena is experimenting with some different types of makeup. Which colours do you think look great on her?

  • The Fashion Celebrity Challenge
    The Fashion Celebrity Challenge
    Played 2181 times

    This famous celeb is searching for some cool outfits that will look great everywhere from the beach to the red carpet. Can you help her design them in this dress up game?

  • Holly Hobbie Dream Dollhouse
    Holly Hobbie Dream Dollhouse
    Played 785 times

    Help these four girls design their house.

  • One Direction Makeover
    One Direction Makeover
    Played 653 times

    One Direction knows what makes you beautiful - can you return the favour?

  • Jennifer Lawrence: True Makeup
    Jennifer Lawrence: True Makeup
    Played 798 times

    Jennifer’s on the set of the new Hunger Games movie and she needs a stylist. Are you available?

  • Dakota Fanning: True Makeup
    Dakota Fanning: True Makeup
    Played 1693 times

    The young actress could really use some help with her blush and eyeshadow today.

  • Style Me Lovely
    Style Me Lovely
    Played 960 times

    With Lady Lovely Locks by your side you can create the most wonderful hairdos!

  • Amanda Seyfried: True Makeup
    Amanda Seyfried: True Makeup
    Played 775 times

    This famous actress is searching for a whole new look. Do you have any ideas for her?

  • Selena at Tattoo Shop
    Selena at Tattoo Shop
    Played 515 times

    Help Selena create some cool tattoos on these lovely ladies. Each tattoo looks really cool and it's super easy to apply to each customer!

  • Celeb Style Dress Up
    Celeb Style Dress Up
    Played 779 times

    This posh girl wants to dress like her favourite celebs. Let's help her find the perfect outfit.

  • Dakota Fanning Dress Up
    Dakota Fanning Dress Up
    Played 30 times

    Put some nice clothes on Dakota!

  • Ciara Dress Up
    Ciara Dress Up
    Played 14 times

    Ciara needs some help picking out the best clothes.

  • Beyonce Dress Up
    Beyonce Dress Up
    Played 21 times

    Make Beyonce ready for a party.

  • Queen Amidala Dress Up
    Queen Amidala Dress Up
    Played 27 times

    Queen Amidala is known for her beautiful dresses - pick one for her.

  • Brad Pitt Make Up
    Brad Pitt Make Up
    Played 29 times

    Change Brad Pitt's look just as you like!

  • Paris Hilton Make Up
    Paris Hilton Make Up
    Played 2 times

    Give a makeover to Paris Hilton herself!

  • Paris Hilton Dress Up
    Paris Hilton Dress Up
    Played 0 times

    Help Paris select the most fashionable outfits in this season!

  • Hilary Duff Dress Up 2
    Hilary Duff Dress Up 2
    Played 44 times

    Choose the best outfits for Hilary Duff.

  • Britney Spears Dress Up 2
    Britney Spears Dress Up 2
    Played 31 times

    What outfit will be the best for this celebrity?

  • Hollywood Dress Up
    Hollywood Dress Up
    Played 19 times

    Choose your favourite celebrity and pick some clothes for her.

  • Britney Spears Make Up
    Britney Spears Make Up
    Played 18 times

    Give Britney Spears a makeover by choosing a makeup, clothes and accessories.

  • Victoria Beckham Dress Up
    Victoria Beckham Dress Up
    Played 15 times

    Choose the best clothes for Posh Spice herself.

  • Jennifer Lopez Dress Up 2
    Jennifer Lopez Dress Up 2
    Played 25 times

    Help J.Lo choose the most suitable dress.

  • Avril Lavigne Dress Up 2
    Avril Lavigne Dress Up 2
    Played 29 times

    Dress up Avril just as you like.

  • Justin Timberlake Dress Up
    Justin Timberlake Dress Up
    Played 20 times

    Dress up Justin in the coolest outfit of all.